Katie Price should buy cuddly toys rather than adopt companion animals as too many have died in her care

NEWS AND VIEWS, UK: Katie Price, a British celebrity, is careless when it comes to her welfare and an appparent failure in respect of the welfare of her companion animals. It’s worse than that. She is a walking disaster. Correction, she can no longer walk because it is reported yesterday in all the online newspapers that Katie Price, 42, was rushed to hospital in Turkey after breaking her ankles and feet. She won’t be able to walk for six months and the accident, if it was an accident, happened during the night. FYI she visits Turkey for plastic surgery which she appears to be addicted to.

Rolo. Photo: Instagram account of Katie Price (believed). It is certainly in the public domain.
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In times gone past, in the history of Katie Price, Twitter reports that she has lost six animals in recent years in her care: namely four dogs, a horse, and a cat. I have not verified this but I do recall a large number of companion animals being killed while in the care of Katie Price. He record is nothing short of horrific. It is unfortunate for a high profile celebrity to be so careless with companion animal caregiving as it sets a very poor example.

There is a long column of comments on Twitter slagging off and criticising Katie Price for her apparently gross negligence while pretending to be the guardian of her unfortunate animals who died. Some of the comments recommend that the RSPCA get involved and prosecute her. The are silent on what they intend to do.

Twitter post about Katie Price's puppy
Twitter post about Katie Price’s puppy

The latest post on Twitter tells us that Katie Price has been slammed by animal campaigners after her puppy suffocated when it was crushed in an electric-powered armchair. The puppy referred to is a French Bulldog Rolo who is believed to have died instantly after he was caught up in the mechanism of the chair while she was out of the room.

Years ago I wrote about puppies and kittens and even adult cats and dogs being killed by powered armchairs, particularly recliners. I have written in fact on numerous occasions about the danger of recliners. I have first hand knowledge of it. I was staying with A1 savannahs (a prominent Savannah cat breeder) in Oklahoma with my hosts Martin and Kaythrn. They socialise the second filial anf first filial Savannah cats in their home. They had a reclining armchair which I suggested they remove from the living room.

One of their kittens was killed by a workman visiting the inside of their house when he trod on a kitten and kill him. Anyway there is an inherent danger in reclining chairs and sofas because the mechanism is very powerful and kittens can get underneath these items of furniture which are interesting to them where they can be trapped and crushed to death.

Katie gave Rolo to her daughter, Princess, on her 13th birthday three weeks ago. He was found dead by her other daughter who is five years of age. Katie had been gifted the dog by a breeder who she phoned to tell them of the news. She said that she was packing her bags in another part of the home when it happened. The breeder is heartbroken and they told The Mirror newspaper that they had advised Katie Price to not leave a small puppy on its own.

They said that they cannot believe the puppy was left unattended as they had left strict instructions to Katie Price. Price’s spokesperson said that it was a tragic accident. Comment: it was a tragic accident that should never have happened and wouldn’t have happened if she had been in attendance and supervising. And in addition she should never have had a motorised piece of furniture in the room with the puppy. She should have been aware of the dangers. There is no getting around the fact that she is a careless companion animal caregiver when judged by her overall record.

Her other dog, Queenie, was run over by a pizza delivery van and one of her horses had been killed in a crash. The animal rights group PETA said that she should not be allowed to adopt any more animals. They said that her attitude towards domestic animal ownership had cost the lives of the animals in our care. PETA suggested that she bought some cuddly toys instead.

In response, Katie Price said that it was nobody’s fault and that it happened tragically. She is devastated and is unhappy that people are pointing fingers because she is feeling bad about it and wants some respect.

Comment: sorry but you have to be criticised because your record is absolutely appalling. You have to face up to it. You are simply unsuited to be an adequate companion animal caregiver and guardian. Please do what PETA suggests and give up the idea of adopting any more animals even if your children want one because ultimately you are in charge and you are failing.

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