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It's not inappropriate elimination because for me it is appropriate to avoid the litter tray.

14 suggestions about domestic cats not using the litter box

Introduction: The problem of domestic cats not using the litter box is the source of millions of articles. It is euphemistically called “inappropriate elimination”. It is an inaccurate description because from the cat’s standpoint...

Cat caving, cocooning and fridging

Cat caving, cocooning and fridging!

I have created an infographic based on Jackson Galaxy’s very personal concepts and language when describing domestic cat behavior. He hits the nail on the head. You just have to translate his unique language...

Should I clean my cat's ears?

Should I clean my cat’s ears?

“Should I clean my cat’s ears?” is a question that people direct at Google but, strictly speaking, it is incomplete. What I mean is this: you don’t think about cleaning your cat’s ears unless...

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