Kitten crosses a busy road and ‘climbs’ a police officer who was directing traffic after a wreck

A Gaffney, South Carolina police officer has a new addition to her family after rescuing a kitten who literally came to her for help as the officer worked traffic following a bad wreck.

kitten rescued
Jennifer and Bravely (Facebook: Jennifer Terrell Dotson)
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Jennifer Dotson was at an eight-lane intersection Wednesday night when she heard a small ‘meow.’ When she shined her flashlight toward the sound Jennifer saw two reflective eyes looking back at her.

When Jennifer realized she was dealing with a kitten, she did what many of us would do. She meowed back at the kitten, who quickly ran across the entire road. Then the kitten crawled up her leg and sat on her shoulder while Jennifer directed traffic.

“Soooo, last night I had to work traffic for a bad wreck. As I was in the intersection (8 lane), I heard a small meow. I shined my flashlight over and saw 2 reflective eyes looking at me. I meowed back. Surprisingly, this teeny tiny little kitten came running to me across the entire road, crawled up my leg and sat on my shoulder while I directed traffic.Anything that brave deserves a chance. Meet Bravely. Our new addition ??”

kitten posing
Jennifer posted a new one of her kitten

What a cutie! Have fun with your new baby, Jennifer. And thank you for rescuing this sweet baby.


“Thank you to everyone who liked and shared Bravely’s story. I have received tons of friend requests but I was already at the maximum they will allow. You will have to hit “follow” on my acct and see her journey. I’ll be sure it is set to public when I share pics of her. Apparently, someone stole my pic and posted it in another app, Reddit. Shame on them, Thou shall not steal.??”

The kitten as photographed by Jennifer.
The kitten as photographed by Jennifer and published on FB.


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