Animal rescue organisation accused of stealing owned cats and rehoming them because they go outside

Accusations have been levelled at Laurie Wheeler, who runs Homeless Animal Rescue Team, that she steals outside cats which are domesticated and owned by an individual and then re-homes them without telling the new “owner” the background story. It appears … please continue reading

Cat named Noelle rescued by firefighters from underground concrete space beneath a chimney

This happy ending story comes out of Meridian Township, Michigan where a cat named Noelle found herself stuck inside an underground concrete space beneath the chimney of her owner’s home. Noelle….chimney….Christmas….hhmmmm…. Noelle is a three-year-old blue cream tortoise-shell who decided … please continue reading

Veterinarians don’t know how 3 rescue cats survived 22 days in a van without anything to sustain them

Edmonton Humane Society

This was a well-publicised ‘accident’ which occurred at the Edmonton Humane Society in the spring. An investigation was carried out because an error by employees of the Humane Society resulted in three male cats being left in a locked van … please continue reading