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Kittens in Hamster Balls — 18 Comments

  1. i think it seems like a lot of fun for the kittens but as has already been said, some people would find it funny to push and spin the ball to amuse themselves rather than the kitten, so it is a bit worrying, but i think as long as they are supervised by responsible people it should be harmless fun. of course not everyone who has a kitten is responsible!! you can also get these balls for pet rats which are quite a bit bigger than the hamster balls, maybe these would be better, as far as the kitten becoming trapped i mean.

  2. You don’t need to buy entertainment for kittens, just utilise what you have lol
    When our two cats were kittens they had great fun with the small waste paper basket we had in the living room, Jozef used to climb into it and Walter would roll it around and we would play ‘goal’ too with a ball using it as the goal
    It also made a good base to hang little cat toys on and swing for them to chase, the pic is of Babz wearing it lol
    I think hamster balls would be safe as long as the kittens weren’t left alone to play in case they became trapped.
    At events we’ve seen kids get zipped into big plastic balls and then try to walk on water in them, fascinating to watch but Id never have liked to do that, I’d have felt claustrophobic.

    • I’ll have to find name for that “thing”, the latest cat toy. It is a unique cat toy, the largest cat toy and the most bizarre cat toy. It is as good as the hamster ball, though.

      • Yes Babz invented the waste bin hat game, Walter was the most hyperactive kitten we have ever had lol we had to invent new ways to amuse him so Ebony and Jozef got some rest. See the little round tablemats on the floor, we’d bowl them for him to chase. He used to run up the net curtains and swipe the wind chimes and poor little Jo was so tiny he couldn’t manage it so we had to lift him up to swipe them lol
        Oh they were great fun but such hard work!

    • Now I’ve seen everything Ruth. The basket is your protection for when the kittens jump on your head? I like to string empty toilet paper or paper towel holders thru a shoestring and make a knot about every 3 inches. Then attach the string to a doorknob or nail it under a bar and the kittens use it as a swing.

      • lol that swing is a good idea Elisa! Toys for amusing kittens don’t have to cost money do they, you just need a bit of imagination 🙂

  3. The hamsters are on their feet walking inside of the ball – in control. The kittens have no control, and end up being pushed all around while their body is in a curved position, upside down, sideways, etc. I can’t imagine an adult laying down in a ball and being pushed and rolled every which way until they were so dizzy that they begged for the laughing person to stop and let them out. I can see where the type of person that likes to tease kids and animals would think this was hilarious. I don’t like it at all.

    • Doreen I think you make an excellent point. I would never push them around myself. I would give them the ball more as a toy for them to explore and play with. But you are right to show concern for the fact that people could just roll them around and really confuse them and make them dizzy. In the wrong hands you are correct in saying that there is totally a potential for certain kinds of people to treat the kittens badly, all the while laughing about it, using these hamster balls.

    • At first reading, I tended to agree with you, Doreen. But, after watching the video and seeing the kitten get into it voluntarily over and over, I decided that she really liked it.
      I love the pattern of these kittens. What’s up with the ears on the camera hog kitten?

  4. We always had one of these back when we had a hamster. The hamster would roll all over the house in the thing. We had a little dog then too and she loved to push the ball with the hamster in it.

    • If I was lucky enough to have kittens at home I would totaly go out and get a hamster ball for them. Kittens are so much fun and they can have fun with anything. They are so incredibly curious and alive – it’s enchanting.

        • lol – well you got the ‘living in Switzerland’ part right 🙂

          Kittens are really amazing. I just get hooked one them – I want to spend all the time with them. They are so ready to play and explore – so much fun to be with. I really get lost in kitten world if they are around 🙂

  5. My thoughts are (a) it is a good toy for kittens because they seem to get endless fun from them. I think they are safe and (b) a kitten must have the same preferences for a toy as a hamster!

    I haven’t researched this but I presume these balls are made for hamsters to play in or have I got that wrong.

    I wonder if an adult cat would be equally interested in a giant hamster ball.

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