Revealed AI decides on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US

Picture of a kitten playing with a colourful cat tease

I asked three AI chat bots for their recommendations on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US. Two of them, Gemini and ChatGPT were reticent to provide a positive answer while the third, Bing’s Copilot was far more positive and specified certain toys. I am unsure what the best answer is …

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Can cats work out the source of the laser pointer dot?

This cat figured out where a laser pointer light came from and it stopped him being interested in the toy.

Can cats work out the source of the laser pointer dot? Some can and some can’t, would seem to the answer. The smart ginger tabby-and-white Maine Coon below did work it out and he is described as smart by his caregiver. He looks smart too. He is one of those Maine Coons that look …

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Do interactive (puzzle) cat feeders work?

Interactive puzzle feeder for cats

Yes, in my experience, they work very well. Cats instinctively use them without any training in my experience although it is fairly limited as I live with one cat who used it instinctively for the first time. Cats manage to get the dry cat food pellets out of the feeder without any problem in …

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Magical domestic cat wonderland where artificial intelligence makes them happier

Magical cat world

BRIGHTON, UK – CAT STUDY: This is an unusual experiment concerning an unusual group of cats. A glimpse into the future. Three cats: a father whose name is Ghostbuster and his two offspring, Pumpkin and Clover live together for part of the day in a magical wonderland for cats measuring 11′ x 15′ x …

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How to entertain a cat – stimulate their hunting instincts

Cats like to destroy toys

“How to entertain a cat?” is a question that we wouldn’t need to ask in a better world for domestic cats as they don’t need entertaining normally. They only need entertaining when then can’t entertain themselves. And cats entertain themselves through their natural behavior of hunting and stalking. If we take that prospect away …

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