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Kitten playing a cat game on a tablet computer

Cat games on tablet computers: good or bad?

Cat games on tablet computers are both good and bad. They are good because they entertain cats. They are bad because the game cannot come to a natural conclusion which is the killing of...

Cat toy laser pointer and kitten

Are laser pointers bad for cats?

No, laser pointers are not bad for cats. For the sake of clarity, I’m referring to domestic cats because there are questions about wild cats in captivity playing with laser pointers. However, there are...

Cat bored with flapping fish toy

Cat bored with flapping fish toy because she can’t kill it

From @cat_manchester: “Summer is over ??” #catsofinstagram pic.twitter.com/B2Pvco5lk0 — Cats of Instagram (@catsofinstagram) October 17, 2020 There has been a lot of publicity about the flapping fish toy on the Internet. I’ve seen cats...

Metronome as a cat toy

Metronome as a cat toy

A pretty cool cat toy. I’d never have thought it. A fascinating aspect of the video is the way Smokey’s body jerks in time to the clicking of the metronome. Is this due to...

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