Kitty Gives His Human A Shoulder Massage

A kitty gives his owner a shoulder massage but is the cat missing his claws and if so can we enjoy the cuteness of it?

Cat massaging owner's neck
Cat massaging owner’s neck
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Yes, this cute kitty gives his human a shoulder massage but, wait a minute, I don’t see claws. Do you? Am I imagining that this cat has been declawed? Someone tell me I am wrong, please. Would you let your cat knead you like this on the bare skin of the shoulders and neck if your cat had claws? Do you mind if he has no claws? Perhaps the question never occurred to you.

We know, by now, that this cat is not massaging but kneading the caretaker/owner because he sees her as mom cat and the cat is instinctively encouraging colostrum flow for feeding as a kitten. When cats knead the claws come out. Not the whole way but they function. We all know that because we have felt it!

Therefore the big issue for me, and I am sorry if this spoils the cute, warm glow of a beautiful human-to-cat relationship is: claws or no claws, that is the question.

If there are no claws then, being a dyed-in-the-wool realist, it is hard to participate in the cuteness of the video because it masks something very non-cute and distressing.

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6 thoughts on “Kitty Gives His Human A Shoulder Massage”

  1. Diane Ricciardi Stewart

    there is no doubt in my mind that this baby has no claws. . . how sad — idiot owner!!!! I have a “massager” as well, and, believe me, unless I have a couple blankets between her feet and me, it can be quite painful!! Tabby loves giving me back massages when I go to sleep, but I always make sure I’ve got a blanket or two in between — in fact, she will usually wait until I have a blanket in place — it’s funny that she won’t walk on me without one!! ♥♥♥

  2. Yes it’s another cute and cuddly site for people to look at and say “Ohhhh what a cute kitty, I want one of those” and then go and get one and have it declawed so they can copy the fool in the video. Cats are gorgeous but they are meant to have sharp bits, they are not animated cuddly toys

  3. I’m sure there are no claws there, no one could sit through a session like that with such a vacant look on their face if there were claws involved, I’ve had plenty of “massages” to know that as lovely as it is it is also painful and makes the face gurn a bit, also as Ruth mentioned the toes look short. There was one point right at the end of the vid where the cat looked to have something hooked on his left “thumb”, I wonder if he has a callous or a bit of claw regrowth. Also when he put his face near to her, presumably looking for something to suck on, she moved her head away so he couldn’t do it, so I’m pretty sure missy wouldn’t put up with claws on her lily white neck. It’s just an ego trip for her and the poor declawed cat is being used (having already been abused). In my humble opinion anyway.

    1. I’m sure there are no claws there, no one could sit through a session like that with such a vacant look on their face if there were claws involved…

      Agreed. This is another one of those fictions that websites present as cute, like It makes me mad. The major cat websites owe a duty of care towards the cat but nearly all of them don’t discharge that duty.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I can’t see any claws, the paws look shorter to me too. Poor cat, unknowingly lovingly kneading the human who was probably the one responsible for paying some evil vet to amputate his toe ends.
    How sad that is!

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