Launderette cat killer sentenced to 34 months imprisonment, fined RM40,000 (USD$9,671)

It is nice to (1) see a follow up to a conclusion of this act of animal cruelty and (2) that the criminals were punished. The crime took place in a suburb of the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur between 12.54am and 1am on 11th September 2018. I wrote about it at the time (Oct 9th 2018). It was a completely senseless and gratuitous act of cruelty. There is one aspect of the matter that has not been reported: what happened to the deceased cat? I’d like to know.

K Ganesh cat Killer (on the right). Photo: Bernama
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K Ganesh cat Killer (on the right). Photo: Bernama

Men put pregnant cat in lauderette dryer and push start button

Men put pregnant cat in launderette dryer and push start button

Two men were prosecuted, convicted and punished. One, a taxi driver, A Mohanraj, 42, pleaded guilty and was jailed for 2 years. The other (who you see in the photo on this page) is contract worker K Ganesh. He was sentenced to imprisonment for 34 months and fined RM40,000 (USD$9,671).

They were tried at the Selayang Sessions Court on Nov 5th 2019. The conviction of Ganesh has been appealed to the High Court. He is on increased bail of RM20,000 and is free until the appeal hearing has taken place.

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A third person was shown on the launderette video. The online Free Malaysia Today states that the third person was involved in killing the cat. However, he was discharged but not acquitted. His name is S Satthiya, 27.

The video of the cat killing was on YouTube for a long while but it appears to have been removed by YouTube in a crackdown on videos showing senseless animal cruelty.

The update comes from FMT News.

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