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This is a continuation from the page Maine-Coon-2 a discussion with photographs about the Maine Coon breed standards of the CFA and TICA.

It is said that the CFA prefers more groomed Maine Coons and I am seeing if the standards of each registry encourages that different approach or whether it is down to the interpretation of the judges of very similar standards. The breed standards of the Maine Coon are different however. Also, remember that TICA register the Bengal while CFA don’t. TICA lean towards a more wild feral look of Maine Coon. These two differences are in harmony with a very slightly more natural look of cat perhaps (my thoughts only) that is favored by TICA. Is this wrong? Tell me by going to the POC forum.

Looking at some other areas of the standards there is great similarity. Legs and tail have the same or very similar standards.  TICA says the body should be large and long and substantial. While the  CFA says it should be long but of medium to large in size. Does this mean the CFA favors a smaller Maine Coon? Or that the CFA prefer more dainty Maine Coon cats? .>>>>>>>>>>>>to next page Maine-Coon-4>>>>>>>>

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