Maine Coon A Domestic Cat Bobcat Hybrid?

by Quentin
(Seven Springs, NC USA)

Our cat Lincoln

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Our cat Lincoln

I think the myth about the Maine Coon being a mix between a domestic cat and a bobcat is highly possible. My ex-wife and I got a maine coon kitten from her brother who had domestic cats in an area of Virginia that is also known to have bobcats in the woods near his house.

One of his mother's cats came home one day from being out in the after several days. Several weeks later she gave birth to a litter of kittens which all turned out to be Maine Coon when her own bloodline had never had any Maine Coon kittens.

I had spent the night at my ex's brother's house on many occasions prior to mine and her divorce of course and have heard and seen the bobcats in the woods next to his house.

All of what I have just stated gives me reason to believe the myth of the Maine Coon being a cross between a domestic cat and a bobcat may very well be more than just a myth. Of course I can not say positively that this is the case because I did not actually see what his momma kitty mated with, but still I believE it still makes a good case for the mix.


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Maine Coon A Domestic Cat Bobcat Hybrid?

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Apr 07, 2011 bobcat kitten
by: Anonymous

I live in southwest Florida and I saw a bobcat mate with a stray cat I had been feeding and now she gave birth to one big kitten that looks nothing like the mother and definitely like the bobcat or huge main coon



Jan 05, 2011 cats
by: Anonymous

umm did you have any that were born without tails?

Jan 05, 2011 we called ours cabats
by: Anonymous

umm did you have any that were born without tails?

Sep 20, 2010 This could explain a lot
by: candes

Well this could explain my purebred and very spotted Maine Coon. LOL... His spots came out of nowhere.... His dad was even a red!

Jul 09, 2010 Maine coon, NFC, bobcat
by: Anonymous

It would be extrodinary and fasanating if such a hybridasation would of occured though the possibity that it happened is very rare. Maine cats were originaly brought to the north eastern part of the states by the nordic tribes of scandinavia that arrived between 900,1100 AD. They became companions and pets of farmers who valued and used them for protection of crops against birds and rodents. this also occured a couple of centuries before in norway when the vikings brought semi wild domesticated cats from the east and accustomised them in the same way but in a more harsher and colder climate which gave birth to the norwegian forest cat who still today remains a popular house cat. Whether the NFC is the ancestor of the maine coon is likely they both share similar characteristics, a long heavy furry coat, a more large robost bone muscle structure then your average house tabby, tuffed lynx like ears, and a gentile giant temperment from its distance country farm upbringing but still retaining their sharp hunting abilities and eagerness to mimic a bite from behind a window when a bird flaps its wings. About the bobcat mating with ferals to create so called pixie bob hybrids is a an unlikely sernario. The bite force of the lynx rufus is more then tripple then that of felis and if it ever would try and mate a domestic then the bite would seriously injur the back of the female tabbys neck. Vice versa if even an uneutored angry male feral tom could try and mate with a double sized female bobcat it would be met with fierce aggression and probably end up badly hurt or worse since when bobcats tend to venture into urban human enviornments, any slightly smaller sized domestic pets unfortuantly fall victim to prey.

Jul 03, 2010 I believe you
by: Joyce Sammons

I live near Greenwood, SC. Many years ago I had a timberwolf mate with a lab/chow mix. I ended up with a loyal solid gray female with baby blue eyes.

My cat Furby is a feral. I found her in the middle of nowhere. He's pretty famous on this site. At first he didn't know how to play nip. He'd bite and hang on. And you should see him eat. He'll hold down a piece of food and rip it apart with him teeth. There are bobcats in my area also. I've even seen a few dead ones on the side of the road after being hit.

Furby has proven himself to be the most interesting cat I've ever had. And he may be part Maine Coon, part bobcat or part Nebulung. Since I never saw either parent I'll never know.

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  1. I have a shorter haired Maine coon and was told by the people I got her from that her dad was part bobcat and I believe it because she is very loving to us unless we rough house with her, which my husband does on occasion, but when it comes to strangers she can be very cautious, to the point she will stand her ground, as in growling and hissing,I think thats the bobcat in her. We have to put her up in the bedroom when company comes over

    • Thanks anonymous for your interesting comment. Personally I am sceptical but I respect your opinion. The behavior of your cat is not that uncommon for a domestic cat.


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