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Man cuts open his truck to rescue trapped kitten — 6 Comments

    • I’m going to be a complete monster and play the devil’s advocate and look at this from entirely different point of view just for the hell of it! What if he desperately wanted to rescue the kitten to save it from dying inside one of the chassis compartments of his vehicle because if the kitten had died inside an inaccessible place of his vehicle it would have constantly upset him and there would have been an odour. Perhaps this man was simply being pragmatic and practical rather than genuinely loving and caring.

  1. What a great story. I am so happy that this story ended well. A great big THANK YOU to Mr. Errand for his kindness.

  2. What an amazing man and a beautiful little kitten I’m so glad it all worked out well it so restores my faith in human kindness 🙂

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