Matt Damon tells the brilliant story of his rescue cat from Costa Rica

On a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Matt Damon spoke about his cat, sharing an interesting and warm story. Take a look! Matt Damon’s rescue cat is a great survivor. It starts with his cat living by himself in the jungle.

Matt Damon tells the story of his rescue cat
Matt Damon tells the story of his rescue cat. Screenshot from the video and photo-edited slightly.
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The story is brilliant because Matt Damon tells it and because he rescued this ‘jungle cat’ (not a real jungle cat but a seriously resourceful domestic cat according to Damon). So, Damon has a heart. No surprise there. He comes across as a decent sort. He’s probably an animal lover.

The next thing which is brilliant is that Damon disagreed with the Los Angles vet’s suggestion that he administer a pile of steroids to help the cat live a bit longer as at the time the cat was walking in circles due to a brain tumour. His vet’s name is Chad by the way.

Damon refused the treatment and he was right as two years later his rescue cat is like Arnold Schwarzenegger. All muscles and by the sound of it fit. Well, Damon’s cat can’t be that fit but he is a damn good survivor. He has lived a lot longer than anyone believed was possible it appears. Two years longer as a matter of fact.


Matt Damon shares an incredible story about the cat he adopted from Costa Rica. #Colbert

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A testament to the resourcefulness of the typical domestic cat.

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Some information about cat and dog ownership in Costa Rica

Here’s a breakdown of domestic cat ownership in Costa Rica compared to dogs:


  • Dogs reign supreme: A survey by Faunalytics suggests that 53% of Costa Rican households have dogs, whereas only 15% have cats.

Cultural Attitudes:

  • Different approaches: Cats are seen as more independent creatures, and some Ticos (Costa Ricans) might believe they can fend for themselves outdoors, which isn’t always safe. Dogs, on the other hand, are often viewed as companions and might be kept indoors more frequently.

Safety Concerns:

  • Outdoor dangers for cats: Costa Rica’s rich wildlife poses a threat to felines. Snakes, spiders, and unfamiliar predators can be a danger to cats allowed to roam freely [3]. This might make some owners keep their cats indoors, unlike dogs.

Stray issue:

  • Both dogs and cats: Stray dogs are a common sight in Costa Rica, but there are also feral cat populations.


  • Cats are loved companions too: Despite a lower percentage of ownership, Costa Ricans who do have cats surely cherish them. There are even shops with resident feline mascots who add charm to the business!

Additional factors to consider:

  • Urban vs. rural living: Cat ownership might be more common in urban areas where outdoor dangers are lessened for felines.
  • Veterinary care: Costa Rica generally has good veterinary care, beneficial for both cats and dogs.

So, while dogs are more popular in Costa Rica, cats hold a special place in some Tico households, and responsible ownership is key for both furry friends.

The information was provided by Google’s Gemini which referred to four sources but did not provide information about those sources.

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