Modern Siamese Cat Breeders

Modern Siamese Cat Breeders

by Beth

Question: I would love to have a modern Siamese–they look like the real thing. Did no one see Lady and the Tramp? Traditional look like a mutt cat sorry that just happens to have Siamese colors. Having a hard time finding breeders in the US. Can you name some?


Answer: Hi Beth. I am not sure that you are correct about the Lady and the Tramp Siamese Cats looking like Modern Siamese Cats:

Yes, they have long necks in the video but their heads are too square and the backsides too large! Although, I know what you mean.

Also there are some big controversial questions about what is the “real thing”. All the old photographs and drawings of Siamese cats depict normal looking cats, much more rounded so “the real thing” is not the skinny Modern Siamese, I would say. Although Modern Siamese breeders will disagree! (see Siamese Cat History).

There is also a cat that is in between the more rounded traditional Siamese and the Modern, called the Thai cat (new window). Confused? A lot of USA Siamese cat breeders breed the skinny Modern Siamese so if you search for Modern Siamese cat breeders in the USA you should find them. The Cat Fanciers Association (the largest US cat association) only recognize the Modern Siamese and this is their list of breeders (42 of them): CFA Siamese Breeders (new window).

Thanks for asking…!

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Modern Siamese Cat Breeders

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Mar 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

All pure-bred siamese cats were inbred at some point, especially in the early days.

Dec 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Traditional (Obviously from the name) are not a “Mutt cat” as you so called it. Modern Siamese are actually “Mutt” cats, as they were severly inbred with each other, which is the reason they have so many severe birth defect, compared to the Traditional and Classic siamese which rarely have birth defects. If you are looking for a Modern Siamese, you should know that studies have proven Modern Siamese rarely ever live past 5 or 6 years, where as Traditional Siamese live upwards of 15 years.

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