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  1. Oh my, three cats passing within months of each other must be unbearable. So sorry, to hear that Enis was a victim of the pet food scandal. That must have been a very scary time for people, worrying about which foods were safe for their pets.

    Eva: The 2007 pet food recall was the biggest one ever. It affected around 100 brands (both wet & dry), some of which were considered to be premium foods. The Chinese manufacturers were adding melamine and cyanuric acid to pet food to make it look as though the product was higher in protein that it actually was. These contaminants caused kidney damage and kidney failure to thousands of cats and dogs across North America. I think the number of recorded deaths was 25,000+

    Some of the affected brands are listed here;


    • Thanks, Michele.

      That time devastated so many people.

      I didn’t have a problem since I am a fan of most brands that were untainted. But, my best friend lost her beloved cat from tainted treats.

      I, also, had a friend whose 3 month old baby died from tainted formula.

      It sickens me that we still trade with China. The UK does also. It’s all about debt for the both of us.

      • I’ve seen some of the Youtube tributes to pets who fell victim to contaminated food and it’s heartbreaking.

        I’d forgotten that some baby food was also recalled 🙁

        You’re right Dee. This was a time of devastation for many.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I wish you had told us your name! Never mind. I was a bit surprised to read that you lost two cats to stomatitis. This is mouth disease and is curable. If you could expand on that it would be great. Many thanks again telling us about your adored moggies.

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