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Mad rat sitting in an armchair smoking a cigar looking distinctly confident and unconcerned about cats

Can rats kill cats?

Can rats kill domestic cats? It seems that New York City’s rats can according to a Bronx woman, Taleetha Stelight. She said that there is a rat problem in her apartment. She moved into...

Grieving on the loss of a cat is entirely normal and to be expected

Is it okay to grieve for a pet?

Is it okay to grieve on the loss of your cat companion? I am surprised that the question has been asked but Google found it and I’m going to answer in a way that...

PETA Germany at Ukraine Border Feb 2022

Putin’s PLAN A and PLAN B

I have to write about the biggest story in town: the Ukraine invasion – Putin’s mad plan. Putin has said that his invasion of Ukraine is going to plan despite the fact that to...

Animal shelter Ukraine

Russians shell and shoot up Ukraine animal shelters

NEWS AND COMMENT: Putin is rapidly catching up with Hitler as the world’s worst mass murderer. The destruction and devastation in Ukraine is nothing short of horrendous and is being conducted callously and mercilessly...


What did Lil Bub die of?

Lil Bub died in her sleep on December 1, 2019 after suffering from an aggressive bone infection according to her owner Mike Bridavsky, a writer and producer. Bone infections are most often bacterial and...

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