Do elephants intentionally and consciously bury their dead?

Adult elephants and calves

A recent study published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa sheds light on a fascinating behavior observed in Asian elephants. These majestic creatures have been found to mourn and bury their dead calves, a behavior reminiscent of human funeral rites. Here are the key findings from the study: This remarkable discovery highlights the emotional …

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Anticipatory grief on the imagined passing of your cat companion

Anticipatory grief for our cat companion occurs when we have suffered grief on the passing of a beloved pet under certain circumstances and we can foresee the same with our present cat companion or dog if the same circumstances seem likely to recur.

This is an emotion I have felt but never labelled. Now I know what it is: anticipatory grief. It’s another emotion to deal with when you foresee the loss of a beloved companion. Sandra McCune, visiting Professor in human-animal interaction in the schools of psychology and life sciences at the University of Lincoln, England …

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Rescue cat in Irpin, Ukraine dies of a heart attack during Russian bombardment


NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a little story tucked away on the internet, almost invisible, but important, about the death of a rescue cat in Ukraine during the illegal war started by Russia which continues to be so devastating to people and animals. The story serves to highlight how the war is killing animals. …

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The injuries incurred by cats when they fall from tall buildings (and survival rate)

High-rise syndrome in cats

Quite a lot of people think that domestic cats can fall off tall buildings and survive without injury because they break their fall and reach a terminal velocity quite quickly by fanning out their limbs. In fact, there is an optimal height at which a cat can fall in order to minimise injuries but …

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Dog-walker captured on doorbell videocam giving cat a fatal kick

Elderly man wantonly attacks elderly cat in the street in plain sight

NEWS AND COMMENT: The video is difficult to watch, of course. I’ve watched it very briefly because I have to in order to write this article. The elderly man appears to have acted aggressively in the video as indicated by the way he puts on his dog’s collar. The dog approaches him with his …

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