My cat Thomas is vomiting after being boarded

by Melissa Shutwell
(La Grange, MO United States)

My mom, dad and I just got home from vacation a few days ago.

My cat was fine before we boarded him. When we got home, he was not the same.

I am thinking that it could have been the food he was fed while he was boarded up.

He would vomit up liquid, would not eat and use his litter box. I looked up about cat anorexia.

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It describes what my cat is going through. Could you please send me information about what I should do? I would really really appreciate it a whole lot. Thanks!


Hi Melissa… the reasons behind vomiting are on the same page that the form you used is on so I won’t go over the same ground. Here is the link. This is another post on cat vomiting (new window).

I find this disturbing, actually. I don’t think that this is a case of anexoria which is a refusal to eat for a variety of reasons as he is eating and vomiting (as you have described it). True anexoria nervosa based on emotional reasons is rare in cats and may be due to stress and insecurity. It is however, just possible that he became very stressed at the boarding facility and this is the reaction. Was it his first time there? Boarding can be stressful for cats.

Alternatively, I think he may have caught a stomach bug of some sort (infectious gastroenteritis). Being next to many other cats in a boarding cattery enhances the chance of transmission of disease and infection. If it was the food it should clear up with feeding his regular food.

Or he may have an obstruction inside him. There are, though, many reasons for a cat vomiting and sometimes they are not serious but normal behavior. Cat vomiting might signal a serious underlying condition but you say he was fine before being boarded. Although he may have seemed to be fine so the current sickness may not be related to the boarding experience.

However, in this instance I sense it might well be serious. Something sudden appears to have happened at the boarding cattery. God forbid but he may have suffered a trauma to the stomach while being boarded. He may have fallen or something and hurt himself.

There is no doubt in my mind that if he is still vomiting at the present time that he should be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible, perhaps even urgently – sorry but that is my gut feel. I would also call the boarding kennels and ask what has happened if anything. Although if something did happen they won’t tell you.

I am sure the regular visitors would agree. Good luck and please report back to tell us what happened.

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My cat Thomas is vomiting after being boarded

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Jul 01, 2010
See a vet asap
by: Ruth

Melissa, please get Thomas to a vet as soon as you can as cats can become seriously ill and even die through not eating.It is impossible to say what is wrong with him without seeing him.
It does sound to me too as though this was brought on by his stay at the cattery and it could mean that other cats boarding there are affected too.
Hopefully with the proper treatment Thomas will recover soon.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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