My Munchkin cat is like no other

My Munchkin cat is like no other

by April A
(Newport MI)

I adopted Sasha in April 2000. I remember thinking she was cute but not the kitten I would have chosen. However, I was happy because I had a new forever kitten…and I only paid $25 for her because I agreed to have her spayed. From the moment we left the breeder I knew she was different than any other cat I’d ever met.

Sasha was this tiny 6 week old ball of fluff but displayed a much bigger personality. For the ride home I put her in a box on my front seat….she got out and rode home on the dash.

Once at home she met her new brother, Harley. Harley was a 20lb domestic cat. He was not thrilled with his new companion. I tried to keep them separate so he wouldn’t hurt her while I was at work and I could supervise them while
they adjusted. Sasha slid under the doors so I had to let them work it out. She had/has no fear.

My little Munchkin has the heart of a lion. She is full of love. Always giving affection. Shes a very prominent family member, always making sure we know shes down there. : )

She would spend hours laying in my arms watching tv, before my daughter was born. Now that my daughter is 3 she spends hours being a living baby doll and being carried around the house. She has an amazing amount of tolerance!

Our Harley became ill and had to go to Heaven about 2 yrs ago. We have recently adopted a new little brother for Sassy (Sasha). Its been a little over a week and she is still showing him she’s the boss.

He is 4 months old and bigger than her, skinny and long legged. Miss Sasha is making it well known that she is in charge around here…to all of us!

April A

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My Munchkin cat is like no other

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Sep 09, 2011
Sounds special
by: Michael

She sounds very special and a big part of the family. It sounds like she and you are having fun together. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Sasha.

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