Narcissistic, topless idiot terrifies his cat who bites him when singing

Narcissistic topless singing man terrifies his cat
Narcissistic topless singing man terrifies his cat
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Is this what video making has come down to on the internet? Anything, anything for views, likes, loves and 5 seconds of fame. But he’s such a twit. It is completely out of order to terrify his cat like this for the sake of a stupid TikTok video. I hate the man for it.

It is another example of TikTok users abusing companion animals for clicks. What the hell is going on? Are these people that desperate to get hits for their damnable videos? It is a sad life if that is what they aspire to.

I’ve been viewing some TikTok video and they are almost exclusively by people in the teens or twenties. The platform is just not for old people. You have to be young and vacuous to be successful on TikTok. To be fair there are some nice videos but in general they are very self-indulgent and narcissistic. Narcissism drives the whole platform.

Narcissism is a personality disorder where the person has an inflated sense of their importance and where they desperately need attention and admiration. Yep, that’s TikTok video makers.

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4 thoughts on “Narcissistic, topless idiot terrifies his cat who bites him when singing”

  1. I can’t watch. I’m sure it’s a very disturbing video of a very stupid boy doing a cruel disservice to his cat and supposed fans. I won’t even check out tik tok. I won’t give them the traffic. Thanks for pointing it out though.


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