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The swollen hand of Henrik Kriegbaum Plettner bitten by a rescue cat which eventually killed him

Can a domestic cat kill a person?

A domestic cat cannot kill a person outright. That’ll apply to any person from a toddler to an adult. But the salient word is “outright”. There is at least one way a domestic cat...

Feline love bite kitten style

Can cats show affection by biting?

I’m discussing domestic cats because the question must be asking about domestic cats. It is an interesting question and it seems to be hinting at the possibility that domestic cats can sometimes deliver a...

Big Maine Coon

Which domestic cat has the strongest bite?

Please note the word “domestic” in the question in the title. Google, at present, ignores the word “domestic” and dutifully finds information about the bite of the jaguar which is one of the big...

How do I know if my cat bite is infected?

How do I know if my cat bite is infected?

It is easy to tell if your cat bite is infected. The illustration below tells you. I am referring to a classic bacterial infection throughout this post. You’ll see inflammation (redness in the skin)...

Cat bite and antibiotic

Best antibiotics for a cat bite

These are the best antibiotics for cat bites (my thanks to InFocusL Culture that Infected Cat Bite (and Give Antibiotics): PREFERRED Amoxicillin-clavulanate (Augmentin) ALTERNATIVES Add metronidazole to each alternative – used for anaerobic activity....

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