Fearless domestic cat attacks Staffordshire bull terrier and owner (video)

Cat attack

The cat must have perceived a territorial threat and made a pre-emptive attack on both the dog and the owner simultaneously. The cat might have been a female defending kittens. It is extraordinary. The dog owner falls to the ground … please continue reading

“My funeral would have been cheaper,” says a Florida woman who received a bill for $48,512 after being bitten by a stray cat

Stray cat

“My funeral would have been cheaper,” says a Miami, Florida woman treated after being bitten by a stray cat. Her hospital bill totaled $48,512! Jeannette Parker, 44, was only trying to help a stray hungry kitten while visiting the Everglades … please continue reading

Cat love bites – what do they mean and why do they happen?

Feline love bite kitten style

I think that “love bites” is a slightly misleading description of what is happening. There’s not a lot of love in a cat bite although it is frequently done with only a touch of aggression (play aggression) rather than as … please continue reading

Rabies alert because woman pets a stray cat

Woman pets stray cat causing rabies alert

In countries where there is rabies, unless you are engaged in TNR work and know the cats and are an experienced feral cat handler, don’t pet stray or feral cats because they are unsocialised. They might become anxious when petted … please continue reading