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One fifth of US cat owners deliberately let their female cat become pregnant — 9 Comments

  1. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the statement I saw on one of the articles I wrote that the mother cat “is in ecstasy” once her kittens are born.

    • That ecstasy statement tells us the attitude behind the person who said it and it may reflect the attitude of many others. I think this needs to be worked on. It could have big positive effect on reducing unwanted cat numbers.

    • The mothering instinct is strong in most animals. Our little Mercy spayed way too early at 8 weeks mothered our two Tabbinese Tigers from 4 weeks on when their mother went to the rescue for spay and adoption.
      I had a mare that would mother any foal.
      And yet adult humans with more than two brain cells to bang together know that is not a reason to let them breed.

  2. I’ll go one further on parental instinct. I have seen on all meeting (dating) sites that many women’s identity is so tied to motherhood that they carry it to their grave. They’ll pose for photos holding babies as if their penchant for procreation is (still) the reason for men to seek them out. These women are over 50 years old – they are probably grandmothers and great grandmothers. I think if this obsession is so rampant among them, even past their child-bearing years, that they likely can’t help but project it onto their pet cats, and they rationalize it. Even though I admit I do love kittens, in my opinion everything about this phenomenon is insidious, unhealthy and wrong.

    • I wonder if this is so deeply embedded in women’s DNA – the need to procreate – that they can’t stop themselves and transfer it to their cat. I might do an article on that.

  3. You left out religious nuttery as practiced by relatives next door who think altering an animal to keep it from breeding babies that starve and die is offensive to their god.

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