Anti-spay and neuter comment “How about if we don’t try to force our opinions on others”

Barn kittens

This is the response by a person who commented on a Facebook thread where an animal advocate asked people to please spay and neuter their pets. The comment below first made me think this person is clueless (I’d REALLY like … please continue reading

Would Obligatory Sterilization of Domestic Cats Lead to Their Extinction?

It is an interesting thought. The authorities at various levels in several countries including at national level are considering introducing mandatory sterilization of domestic cats and linking it to mandatory micro-chipping. This way a database would be created and veterinarians … please continue reading

Canada Is Reducing Cat Overpopulation the Humane Way

Canada is reducing the population of unwanted cats in and humane way

An updating report to one carried out five years ago by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies tells us that progress has been made in reducing the number of unwanted cats in the country but more work is required. On … please continue reading