Near 100% spaying and neutering of domestic cats would put back cat domestication

TNR program Austin Texas

Introduction: the spaying and neutering of cats is a good thing for obvious reasons. This article is not against spaying and neutering it is simply discussing what might be an unexpected outcome if great success were encountered in this process. … please continue reading

“Neuterathon” in Upstate SC puts approximately 243 animals out of the reproduction business

On Friday, Animal Allies held a neuterathon at their Spartanburg, South Carolina clinic where approximately 243 animals were put out of the production business. This was accomplished by a joint effort of animal advocates and volunteers who showed up to … please continue reading

Anti-spay and neuter comment “How about if we don’t try to force our opinions on others”

Barn kittens

This is the response by a person who commented on a Facebook thread where an animal advocate asked people to please spay and neuter their pets. The comment below first made me think this person is clueless (I’d REALLY like … please continue reading