I neutered my cat (removal of testicles). Is he transgender?

Young androgynous man and his ginger tabby cat in an old painting

Transgenderism is in the news a lot these days. Being a cat ‘expert’ 😃😎 I considered whether neutering male cats makes them transgender as the operation removes that part of the anatomy which produces testosterone; a hormone which makes a male cat male (see below for more on this). The question in the title …

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Kotor Kitties is a brilliant non-profit spaying and neutering cats in Montenegro


This is an article about Kotor Kitties. They have a nice website which tells you how they started. How they grew into an international organisation. The start is always interesting and vitally important. What motivated April Lynn King, a volunteer, board member and a co-founder of Kotor Kitties? She lives in Seattle which, I …

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Should I neuter my cat? Ask a cat breeder.

2012 a breeding queen

A person who wants to adopt a male cat might ask why they should neuter their cat if they are going to be indoors full-time and there will be no other cats in the home; no chance of procreation. Incidentally, the word “neuter” has two meanings. It can mean the removal of the male …

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Unneutered male cats have a more masculine facial appearance compared to neutered male cats

Tomcat jowls created by the presence of testosterone

This is a discussion about whether the neutering of male cats (castration) changes their facial appearance. It can also have an impact on their overall appearance indirectly i.e. lower metabolism leading to putting on weight. But I’m focusing on the face. My argument is that it feminises the male cat face by making it …

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Cat domestication requires that the cat undergoes surgery

This is a “cat thought” for Sunday 22nd June. It is a great day weather wise and I am in the garden. It sounds odd but the truth is that the domestic cat is ill suited to domestication unless he/she undergoes surgery. In other words the domestic cat, as born, requires modification. That is …

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UK: Compulsory Cat and Dog Neutering?

The compulsory neutering focus group is a fairly new UK group on Facebook and I was invited to join. They say: ‘We are getting together to petition the government for compulsory neutering for pet cats and dogs, compulsory microchipping for pet cats and dogs and compulsory breeding licences for breeders of cats and dogs’. …

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