Opioid addicts stealing painkillers from their pets

Opioid epidemic
Opioid epidemic can result in addicts ‘stealing’ from their pets.
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WJLA.com reports that the growing opioid epidemic is resulting in some cat owners stealing painkilling opioid drugs from their pets to service their addiction.

The report says that opioid addicts are hurting their pets and that the FDA is sounding the alarm and sending a major warning to veterinarians.

The FDA recommendations include using alternatives to opioids, educating parents about misuse and encouraging veterinarians to devise a strategy if and when they encounter someone they believe has hurt a pet in trying to get hold of these drugs.

There also appears to be a gradual movement in some states in America to create legislation to i.e. make it obligatory for veterinarians to report when they said opioids pet owning homes.

It’s a growing nationwide problem apparently. I’m not sure that the phrase “hurting their pets” is accurate. Of course, for a while the cat or dog will be without the prescribed painkillers but more can be obtained from the veterinarian. Although of course it is a disturbing trend which indicates the gravity of this problem. America is not alone as I know that in the UK a similar problem is developing.

A veterinarian said that she remembers a person coming in to the clinic for Tramadol. That was a warning sign.

Sackler Family

Purdue Pharma, owned by the Sackler family, is allegedly behind the opioid epidemic in being the developer of a drug called OxyContin which is highly addictive and which has been pushed by some irresponsible doctors in America fuelling the opioid addiction epidemic.

Many charities are shunning the Sackler family because of this. In the past they cosied up to them. The Sackler family are well known for giving millions to charities but their reputation is now being trashed because of their behaviour in fuelling the opioid epidemic in the interests of financial profit. It’s payback time. It’s karma.

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2 thoughts on “Opioid addicts stealing painkillers from their pets”

  1. Sickening subhumans. How could anyone steal from a suffering animal? Plus the dose needed in humans is so much higher that the animal prescriptions are probably completely used up in a day or two, especially once tolerance is achieved. 😱😠😭


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