Oriental Shorthair with a hint of kangaroo

Jubei is an Oriental Shorthair with a hint of kangaroo in his appearance. I am thinking of his long and proud face. He is a very handsome cat. He looks bigger than he is because he weighs 12 pounds which is more than the average but it not exceptional these days. Perhaps for an Oriental Shorthair he is large. He is 14 inches at the shoulder. His human caregiver says that he is a big guy, long and tall, tube-shaped.

Oriental Shorthair with a hint of kangaroo in his apperance

Oriental Shorthair with a hint of kangaroo in his apperance. Photo: his owner on Reddit).


Kangaroo. Image in the public domain.

He is laid back most of the time but can be grumpy too and he has a hard bite! He likes being around people and is talkative. Both these traits are typical of this cat breed and the associated breed, the Siamese.

Apparently, he can intimidate the family dog! Actually, I have seen many family cats scare the shit out of the family dog! These dogs tiptoe around the cat very respectfully. Strange really as the cats are always smaller than the terrified dog.

He does have a face which looks as if he is disdainfully judging the photographer. However, he is cooperating in keeping still and looking at the camera which isn’t bad but he thinks the human taking the photo is a bit daft.

Oriental Shorthairs (OSHs) are in the Siamese cat family. The experts say they are ‘vocal to the point of loudness’ which squares up with Jubei’s owner’s thoughts. They like to share their owner’s pillow. Jubei’s owner said: Jubei is a man of many pillows. Spot on sir!

The OSH is intelligent and inquisitive. Their need to be close to their human ‘verges on the desperate’ according to show judge Gloria Stephens (Legacy of the Cat).


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