“Nature-Lover” shot dead purebred Oriental Shorthair cat because he believed he was feral

This is in Adelaide, Australia. Kent Wilson saw Spock, a two-year-old, black Oriental Shorthair cat belonging to neighbours, on his 5 acre refuge for native flora and fauna. He shot Spock dead without doing any checks because he observed Spock … please continue reading

Are Breed-specific Cat Foods Designed for Better Feline Health?

The pet food industry is one of the most lucrative groups of businesses in the United States and Europe, continuing to grow exponentially. According to a report recently released by Petfood Industry.com, the extremely strong animal/human bond is responsible for … please continue reading

Obsessive Compulsive Cat Has Trouble Getting His Pills

Cat guardians whose kitties begin acting strangely often get frustrated and upset with their cat’s bizarre behavior. Being unable to communicate with them verbally makes it even more difficult to pin-point the problem. Many years ago, Sir Hubble Pinkerton, our … please continue reading

Video of Beautiful Dark Oriental Shorthair

In this video, the Flicks are seen photographing a beautiful, slender show cat with a gorgeously dark and unusual coat. The Flicks work as a team. Helmi carries the camera, Ken does the rest, including, importantly, the lighting and set … please continue reading