Parrot Plays Peekaboo With A Cat

Parrot plays peekaboo with visiting cat
Parrot plays peekaboo with a visiting domestic cat
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The soundtrack confirms what you see in the video, that the parrot is definitely playing peekaboo with this domestic cat. This is because the parrot says ‘peekaboo’ as he ducks under the window frame! Amazingly cute but probably not that exceptional for a parrot who as we know are very intelligent.

It is extraordinary. The cat is not really participating in the game. Or perhaps he/she is, no just kidding! My belief is that the parrot learned the game from his/her owner and wanted to play the game with the visiting cat in the belief that the cat would understand it. It is really cute and begs a lot of questions about interspecies relationships and animal intelligence. I wonder how much of the game the parrot understands. Is he simply mimicking (parroting) what he has observed from his human companion?


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