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  1. Thanks Ruth aka Kattaddorra
    Its a very kind, truthful, very relax giving article for people like me as I only love these tiny friends of mine and wanna give as much care as possible to them. I wanna live for them and I wanna pet them, touch them, even straight away give them a deep BIG KISS on face, belly, ears and chins. They do the same and lick me, bit my beard slightly and hug me tight.

    I just want to deeply thank you for your effort in the article, thank you <3

    • Thank you Ahsan, I think you truly love cats as much as I do. I can’t imagine life without them around, I have worked with them, volunteered with them and lived with them all my adult life, I am very lucky.
      This is Walter and Jozef who are my sun, moon and stars.
      I very much admire what you do for the cats where you live.

    • I want to thank you deeply, Ahsan, for all you do for ferals.
      It’s all very important to me.
      The obstacles that you face humble me when I may complain about some of mine.

      • Thank you, too sister. Its my duty as a muslim to take care and accept them as I want to accept my self in this world. The welfare is the main task and due to lack of many facilities , I am just bound to my limits, otherwise the world should see a new theory and ideas about cat welfare specially FERAL CATS. I have many in my mind but…. waiting for the positive BEST for them. <3 thanks again. 🙂

  2. Ruthie – thank you for another great essay and wonderful poster!

    I differ from you in that I don’t blame a dog for yapping. Dogs are immensely attached to their parents – they have a lasting umbilicus. Human children want to distance themselves from their parents by age 12-13. Dogs? Never. I agree with you, though: certain dogs are overwhelming. Labradors are notorious for pouncing, slobbering on and loving everyone indiscriminately. ‘One-man’ dogs (very reserved) are Dobermans, cocker spaniels and chows – also perhaps Kerry Blue Terriers. When it comes to dogs that don’t bark, think there’s a breed called the ‘Bedlington Terrier’ that looks like a lamb and is near to being completely mute. Not sure of that, though.

    The reason dogs yap is that they’re neglected and feeling lonely. The whippet or greyhound is supposedly a house-dog that enjoys sprawling on your sofa all day, and apparently requires little physical exercise. After my cats passed away, I might have gotten a rescue from the racetrack – such dogs are available over here – but when they’re let loose, they’ll chase down and instantly kill any cat wandering by, and I have one or two that crawl under the fence in one spot in my garden. But again, I’d probably take issue with your assumption that dogs are inherently noisy. They’re just unhappy and relegated to an insignificant object by their ‘owner.’ I’m grateful that the properties out here are large: the one in back is at least three acres, which means I’m not especially bothered by the periodic noise from what sounds like half a dozen dogs kept outdoors year ’round, and fed – who knows – presumably the cheapest pellets from Walmarts. Yes – they’re miserably neglected by the ‘owner’ and at times will all howl in unison. Why? Because they’re bored and spiritually desolate.Why such people have dogs is beyond my comprehension, and I’m sure you feel the same way.

    Other than that, though, this wilderness-neighborhood is quiet as a marble orchard. My garden is twitching with grasshoppers in late summer. Not sure if they are or are not related to those crickets beloved by the Chinese & Japanese, who buy them from a pet store and keep them in a tiny cage inside the house, because they enjoy the noise. Never mind that the cricket suffers in his tiny prison. I enjoy their singing, though, as much as the silver-bell song-fest of frogs all night long, beginning in early February and lasting until mid-May in this neck of the woods.

    But quietude? Yes. And it is sublime. At night you can walk outside and hear nocturnal loons calling to each other — they always chat in the dark and during the day the silence is filled with a temperate rainforest chorus of birds, especially mourning doves.

    Am heading up to the library today after mowing the grass, which has sprung back to life after two days of rain. xx

    • Howdy my friend, I don’t blame dogs for barking, they can’t help being dogs, but it doesn’t stop them being irritating because to me it’s a harsh and ugly noise they make, the high pitched wooowooowooo of one of them next door drives me mad, yet the sonic boom of the rottweiler the other side really got to Babz.
      I suppose all humans have different levels of tolerance, but when both lots were at it at the same time it was like living in a kennel block.
      Email awaiting you x

    • Hi there Sylvia, I agree that Dogs are often not Cared for Properly. Especially when they are left outside in the Cold with not much Food or haven’t had attention well. My Sister has 4 Dogs which she Cares for Properly. They get to go Inside at nighttime so get a Life of a King. I sometimes have horrible Tolerance to things. Being so Sensitive to things.

  3. I suppose it’s like aversion therapy, having both been dog lovers (though second to cats of course) all our lives the fact that we were unlucky enough to have inconsiderate neighbours on both sides with yapping/booming dogs at the same time has sickened us both off, there has always been a noisy one opposite nearly as long as we’ve lived here, we’ve lived with that and even laughed about it but it’s the constant harsh noise and the unexpected shocking awake that’s got to us, the fact that one side has every window in their house open and the barking comes out of their kitchen window and straight up and into our landing window opposite so if we want peace, even during the night, we have to close that window and be hot while the yapping dogs enjoy the cool breeze. It’s little things like that that cause aggravation and resentment, it wears you down and makes you more sensitive to a noise that perhaps wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t so “in your face”, it’s a form of anti-social behaviour on the part of the dog owners and sadly it’s all too common these days when a lot of families have dogs that are out of control or neglected, I don’t think a dog that barks constantly for attention is a happy dog, I don’t know why people who are at work most of the time feel the need for dogs, the ones next to us rarely walk them so what is the point? Some dogs are known to bark very little, is it Poodles and Labradors? I think so. Terriers never seem to shut up that for sure.

    Cats are so peaceful, and they have such expressive voices. Our boys have a whole range of different sounds they make, some that to me seem like words of love, quiet and tender. This morning I opened the door and the little mother from the house opposite was there meowing for some extras, her tiny voice was like music rising to a crescendo when she saw the plate of food coming towards her. No comparison with harsh barking.

    Like Michael we love to hear the sounds of nature, we have pigeons and doves in the trees where the wind rustles the leaves, how wonderful it would be to live in the country with space to enjoy gentle sounds, a world away from a housing estate.

    • Noise has become one of the big environmental polluters. It affects us more than we think or at least if affects some people more than they think. I hate noise. It is stressful. I still have good hearing. Barking dogs are a huge problem. I am sure it is down to the dog’s owner acting irresponsibly.

      I am going to move to the country. It will be my last move. I bought this flat to make money on the housing boom. I want to hear nature and nothing else because it heals me. Nature makes me feel better (it gives to me), whereas the activities of some people generally take from me.

      • I agree my Parents live out in the Country 20 Mins away from Oamaru. Its lovely, and they live on land where they have built up a huge garden. I always love going out there as at night u can hear nothing but the birds and wildlife. Occasionally can hear possums, but its totally Quiet!!. No street lights and the night sky is amazing. My Parents have one small Dog. They never been cat People more dog People. I’m prob the only one in my family apart from my gran that has a big love for them.

          • I’m sure there are. I’d love to visit all the historical areas like Old Castles and buildings I’ve always been interested in history side. Maybe one day I might be able to visit if this world still existing by then. I love to travel and see different places.

      • I hope you find your haven in the country Michael, we hope to also one day, but are stuck here meanwhile as Babz has to work another 5 and 1/2 years thanks to this rotten government. A lot of women her age are in the same boat because our generation had no equality to men, no chance to save for a private pension, so no choice but to work, with age related complaints too and sometimes we feel without hope we will ever escape from our noisy surroundings.

        • Yes I hope you can all find a Peaceful Areas wherever it will be. I for one will try when i find a house in the Next Year or so. I do want to live close to Town so i get out abit more. Although I love living here I cant stay much Longer. As long as its got a little Garden for me and the Cats

          • Yea it is hopefully it wont be till 6 months till a Year. Also we both get along as friends so hopefully will still get to see each other. I didnt want to Split Jasmine & Ozzie up as they love being together. I know that Both Rob & Allanah are both Cat and Animal People will Look after them. Its a hard thing to do.

    • Yes the sound is nature is amazing. Every morning, I wake up to birds singing getting ready to wake up. Often hear bell birds and Tui’s and the other birds, close by in the trees. I guess as get closer to spring, it be that sad time of the year. I just hope the kitty cats arent paying much attention.

          • It’s the feeling of Nature dying, leaves turning brown and falling, plants and flowers dying off, the knowing that Winter is coming. Once it is Winter I feel better and of course Spring follows.

            • Oh Im the Oppoisite I hate when Winter Hits. As I need the Sun to Survive. hate cloudy and overcast days. Spring/summer/Autumn I dont mind. Its the Cold wind that drives me crazy. Well just looked in the real estate pages and theres no 2 bedrooms so will have to wait. I saw one 1 Bedroom for 240 a week which to me is horrible as 7 years ago was paying 100 a week 🙁

              • It’s difficult to find somewhere you can afford and cat friendly too, I hope you are lucky soon Kylee, a new start and I’m sure your cats will settle, we moved here with two 8 year olds, Bryan and Ebony and they were immediately at home and enjoying the garden.

              • Yes it isn’t easy. I dont want to do this but Rob will have two of the Cats Tiger and Smokey. I will take Ozzie,Jasmine, Rebel. Will get to see each other. Yes I agree. I need a new Change.

              • It’s a shame your cat family will be split up, but at least they will each have a friend with them, you’ll miss the everyday of being with Tiger and Smokey, you love them all I know x

  4. Hi there, Wonderful Article as Always love reading your Articles, and a Very good Choice. I was always afraid of dogs as, when I was little got attacked by lots of licks when I was little. Over Time Had a dog in our House in Christchurch in NZ. Up to that Point I was afraid of Dogs. Cats were the only thing and still are that make me Happy and less worried, as I got older my love for them has got stronger. Although My Sister has 4 Dogs, 2 of them Very Big Bull-Mastiff Dogs. They are just big Babies though, when they lean against you they almost knock you over. I have learnt to get along with them. I struggle at times with the Noise of the Dogs here as I do as, like the Peace & Quiet and Calmness. For me Its not the Dogs here. Its the Stupid Neighbors that have Party’s Weekend and Weekend Out, sometimes even on a Thursday grrh. I dont know how many times I’ve herald my Neighbor who Used to be a Cop call Noise Control. I’ve kinda got used to it now, but wish they would find somewhere else to live. I Might have to look for somewhere in the next Year or so. As dont know how long I can go living here. Will wait and see. I dont have much tolerance for Yapping Dogs and For people talking for ages and ages about nothing does my head in. While I was laying down before Jasmine knew I was sad as have cried alot today. She cuddled up in a ball and cuddled in. While she let me pat her just patting her made me feel her love so much and took the stress feelings out of me. She certainly knows when I’m down. 🙂

  5. I have tolerance for most any noise, including yapping dogs and fighting intact male cats.
    But, what I hate most of all are those crickets that may find their way in. They won’t shut up; and, I follow their racket, crawling around, until I see them and chase them down to put outside. Their noise enters my nervous system through my toes and travels up to my brain that screams to me, “Find it, find it!”

  6. Ruth its not true only dogs that aren’t trained properly like to bark. We’ve had dogs in the past like yourselves and they were taught only to bark if there was a good reason for it! You shouldn’t have to put up with it and I hate that you have such inconsiderate neighbours! Most local authorities warn people about dog barking all the time and for one thing they should be indoors and not barking not outside 24/7 annoying good honest people!!

    • Our dogs barked when there was something to bark at. One of the two next door now starts the minute they are left alone and also the minute they are put out in the garden. Why get dogs when they are going to be left alone long hours? They have now started shouting SHUT UP when they bark and GET DOWN when the one jumps at the fence, they must be getting on their nerves by now too lol

  7. I have a neighbour who has 2 dogs and 3 cats. She lives in the block of flats were I live. She is on the committee as I am.

    I am of the same opinion as you. Dogs who yap are annoying. In fact the older I get the more annoyed I get by noises. I like quiet and I like to hear the sound of nature. What I mean is things like the wind rustling through leaves. I like to smell the delicate smells of nature. I don’t like loud rough noises.

    It is, though, the responsibility of a dog’s owner to ensure that his or her dogs do not upset neighbours but as we know people are often not that responsible.

    I do think we get more sensitive to noise the older we get. This is because our brain becomes less tolerant to stimuli such as loud noises. We also become less tolerant to things like rudeness and stupidity. It’s just the way of nature.

    This is why people sometimes end up being recluses in their old age. It takes them out of the world, away from all that noise and away from other people.

    • Very True even Youngish people too who dont like the Noise. Like me Though When I’ve had enough I have to do something about it as it gets on my nerve!!!

        • Um mm Not Quite,but I guess i would say that as im Living here. The area im Living in is Quiet. The Cities are more Busy, I guess it depends where you live, but we do have alot more room I guess. Our Farming Land has been selling off to China though esp big amount of land, which doesn’t sit well with most New Zealand’ers including myself. New Zealand is still a beautiful place to live. I’ve always liked the peaceful Quiet life without much fuss. Im just an ordinary person.

    • We had dog people move in next door at our old home so we left when it became unbearable to live there any longer, amongst other things they got a new dog and gave it ‘barking lessons’ at 11.30pm, just to annoy us, they’d knock at their own door and shout BARK Leo and of course he did.
      So when we escaped here to a peaceful life and neighbours with cats or quiet cared for dogs, it was paradise.
      But the serpent in the garden of Eden reared up and instead of cats next door since they went we have had dog after dog…then the other side got 2 dogs….
      It is hard to accept rough loud noises when we are older, it’s true, but it seems we have to!

      • It seems to me that in places where people rent the properties where you are the tenants are more likely to keep dogs than cats. I think it is to do with the mentality of the sort of people who rent these properties. Unfortunately you are trapped in that sort of area it seems to me. I can really feel for you because having neighbours who are unsympathetic towards you is stressful. I read in the paper today that living next to neighbours who disagree with you or who are unsympathetic is the equivalent of smoking cigarettes in terms of the effect it has upon your heart.

        • Yes we are trapped and only a miracle can get us away from here before Babz can retire. This area is all the same, it’s now called a dumping ground for unsavoury people, many of the decent people are moving away after selling to buy to let landlords who shove anyone in who gets their rent paid for them. I have searched within driving distance of Babz job for somewhere cat friendly most of all, as where would she get a job in another area at 60? The redeeming factor of here is that it’s cat friendly and safe and it will be our main consideration if ever we do get to move. Meanwhile we can put up with whatever we have to, for their sake. We do have some nice neighbours and love our home and garden but wait in trepidation who will move in next door after having the Conwoman, the criminal druggies, then the layabout with his neglected dogs……
          The other side with the yappies, his dad is his landlord, so not much hope of improvement there, we just have to live and let live and his live in girlfriend is quite pleasant. I have a good yell and use some very unladylike words to let off steam lol

  8. So right, to a point, Ruth.
    Life is, mostly, peaceful with cats. But, when the chases are on and the spats begin, I can be heard saying, “Come on guys. Mom needs a break”.

    I love dogs too. But, they should never be howling, barking, and yapping until the crack of dawn. That is the fault of the caretakers, as you say.

    I just try to ignore those nuisances in my neighborhood just to keep peace and prevent those people from complaining about cats urinating and defecating in their yards. And, most assuredly, they would have animal control bringing the hammer down on me if I complained about them.

    It’s all very frustrating.

    • Yes cat haters like to complain about cats, but anyone complaining about their dogs and it’s a different story, well they say it’s what dogs do! Yes they do, bark and howl and jump up at people and leave their mess where people walk, yet we are supposed to accept it because they are animals. Well so are cats!
      Tolerance should work both ways, but we have always ensured our cats don’t pester neighbours nor do any other neighbours cats, yet we have to endure being pestered by the dogs of those who think we should all love their choice of pet.

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