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People Say He Looks Like A Turkish Angora — 5 Comments

  1. I took this picture exactly two months ago. I’m almost sure this is not purebred. So here’s Haku, a TA wannabe!

    He’s got pointy ears, reddish rings around the tail and legs, and a nice reddish mask in the shape of a rhombus.
    He likes water, so no problem bathing him, and he might sneak into the shower scaring his owners.
    When playing he acts like a dog, asking you to play with the ball or his mouse by bringing one of these close to your foot which he taps to call your attention, after one launches his toy he will bring it back to play again.
    He’s also a great problem solver, and he eventually includes his owners in his “equations” by using them to reach higher spots.

  2. If cat is Angora it should trace back to relatives from Turkey… if origin is unknown, it is probably not Angora, but ”look like” cat. This red tabby in the picture doesn’t look like Angora from Turkey, but more to western bred cat.

    We won’t know are these Angoras or not, unless we do DNA test.

    Mostly likely they are just mixed breeds.

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