Photos show Oregon cat being rescued after becoming trapped in a dishwasher rack

This is a very unusual case of a cat being stuck and unable to free itself. I’ve reported on and read a lot of ‘cat stuck’ situations but this is the first I’ve heard of a cat becoming trapped in a dishwasher rack.

cat stuck
cat trapped in dishwasher (Jackson County Fire District #5 IAFF Local 2596)
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Jackson County Fire District #5 IAFF Local 2596 in Phoenix, Oregon reported on their Facebook Community page last Tuesday.

“IAFF Local 2596 crews were called out to an unusual rescue this morning. A district resident reported that a curious kitten had become trapped in a dish washer rack and they were unable to free it.

Firefighters used some webbing and a wooden spoon to place upward force on the rack and free the kitty. We are happy to report a purrrrrfect outcome to the situation.”

cat in dishwasher
cat during rescue (Jackson County Fire District #5 IAFF Local 2596)

Firefighters arrived Tuesday morning (October 15) to find the cat with it’s head stuck in the lower rack of a dishwasher. Captain Brian Bolstad said during an interview with KOBI5 News

“Occasionally we will get calls for an animal rescue and they are a pleasant relief from our usual calls. Usually positive results, usually the folks are very happy that we can assist them.”

spoon used
spoon used to help rescue cat (IAFF Local 2596)

This is the first rescue of a cat being stuck in a dishwasher. Their usual cat rescue adventures involve cats stuck in trees.

Cats are like mischievous toddlers and tend to get into trouble in the strangest ways. Anyone with a cat is urged to look around their home for dangerous curiosités since cats are very good at getting into trouble while exploring.

Phoenix Oregon map

Thanks go out to the department for calling attention to yet another dangerous situation cats can get into.

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