Picture of 10 sedated lions

This picture of 10 sedated lions was taken by a drone in my opinion. They are ten of twenty-four selected from around South Africa in 2018 and moved to a part of the Zambezi Delta where they had been wiped out by poachers. Since the relocation their numbers have tripled. The 64,000 dollar question is will the poachers start again in the Zambezi Delta? I pray not. South Africa has a schizophrenic attitude towards lion conservation as they allow canned lion hunts, breed lions, supply the China big cat body parts trade and undermine lion conservation generally. And yet here there is concerned conservation.

Trannquillised (sedated) lions ready for relocation to a new area in a conservation program

Trannquillised (sedated) lions ready for relocation to a new area in a conservation program. Photo: @sean_viljoen / @cabelafamilyfoundation / Caters news).

It was unbelievably momentous watching the majestic lion repopulating the area – Ivan Carter of the project to relocate.

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