South Africa plans to close down captive lion industry

The captive lion industry. A fictional image created by AI.

The captive lion industry in South Africa (SA) includes: The captive lion industry of SA is highly exploitative and an abuse of lions which treats them worse than livestock. The only lions in SA should be protected in lion reserves/parks, which is the long-term goal. A complete transition then? A 246-page report has been …

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Christian South African school’s fundraiser included the auction of a lion hunt

Futurum Akademie's unethical lion hunt as a fundraiser which was particularly shocking as this school says that their MO is rooted in Christian beliefs

NEWS AND COMMENT: This story comes from South Africa. I have started that way because South Africa has a bad reputation for abusing lions. They offer canned lion hunts to rich Europeans and Americans. They breed lions for these hunts. They abuse lions in the interests of financial profit. It’s a bad relationship with …

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Picture of a lion cub’s striped coat contrasted with the plain coat of their father

Picture of a lion cub with code markings in contrast to the plain code of their parent

This picture of a lion cub’s spotted and striped coat in contrast to their father’s plain coat caught my eye as a good example of nature protecting the vulnerable lion cub by improving their camouflage which is customised for the environment in which they live. The spots and stripes disappear after around nine months. …

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Cheetahs become more nocturnal and less active in high temperatures which may have negative survival consequences

Can the cheetah be domesticated?

A new study: Increasing ambient temperatures trigger shifts in activity patterns and temporal partitioning in a large carnivore guild, has concluded that the cheetah becomes more active at night i.e. tends to become nocturnal with high ambient temperatures and they also decrease their activity levels. The cheetah is a large wild cat species which …

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Family of lions traumatized in East Ukraine by the war to be relocated to Britain

Three of the four lions being relocated from a zoo in East Ukraine during the war to Yorkshire in England for their safety and health and welfare.

NEWS AND OPINION: This will be a very good cat new story for millions of people, and many of us, I suspect, want a good new story at the moment because I can see the world drifting into World War 3 unless we are very careful and we are not being careful. In this …

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African wildlife more frightened of humans than big predators like lions

African waterhole and animals where they fear humans more than lions

I’ve always thought this but now a study confirms it. The typical wildlife, including large animals such as zebra and impala, that drink at waterholes in Africa are more likely to flee when they hear the faintest human conversation than when they hear the sounds of the most dreaded predators in Africa. Clearly, these …

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