Picture of a Lykoi Cat

This is a good picture of a Lykoi Cat or Wolf Cat. I improved the image quality a bit. It comes from the Sahasrara Cattery in Austria I believe. The picture is on their Facebook page. The woman who breeds them calls the cat, ‘My little wolverine sweetheart’ combined with a ton of sweet emojis. I don’t have her name. She has long, false fingernails. Did you know that long, painted, false fingernails on women go with hairless cats!? They do because they are both unnatural, extreme and ‘false’.

Good picture of Lykoi cat
Good picture of a Lykoi cat (she is female). Photograph: Sahasrara Cattery.
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She likes hairless or semi-hairless cats or cats with a hair problem. I’ve got a problem. These sorts of extreme cat breeds polarise opinion. I am on the side of fence where the objectors are. I find their appearance interesting (who wouldn’t?) but I don’t believe that they should be bred. I’m for the natural look. I don’t believe in people playing at being God and creating strange looking animals of any species.

It is a form of self-obsessed, self-indulgence. It is people doing exactly as they please to please themselves while disregarding nature and what is good and proper. Nature created cats to have great coats. Coats protect cats. They can look fabulous. The cat coat is an intricate structure which has evolved over eons and here we have a woman breeding a cat with a defective coat due to a genetic mutation because she thinks it looks interesting and because she thinks she can sell them at a high price to people want to own one as they would a fancy car in the driveway. A status symbol. Domestic cats should not be status symbols. They should be loved companions.

I question the motivations for the creation and possession of these extreme appearance cats. The same mentality, more or less, is behind the paradigm hairless cat, the Sphynx. She breeds them too.

I know there are people who would strongly disagree with me and I respect their opinion. However, the world is changing and with it opinion about extreme appearance cats. In an era of climate change and a real concern for the environment and the planet, the perspective of people has widened and become less self-indulgent. Society has become more concerned with wider, global issues: how to survive as humans destroy the planet which sustains them.

When you think of climate change and global warming, you lose interest in the silly things of life, like owning a Lykoi cat or going shopping as a form of retail therapy. You think more serious things. Global warming straightens out the human mind. It takes the human back to basics and back to nature. It makes humans look at themselves and their misbehaviour. The Lykoi Cat starts to look like a misguided project.


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