Picture of cat trying to get in

This is a charming picture of a cat trying to get in. He has chosen the occupant..

Are you the chosen one? A cat wants to get in. He is not yours but his still demonstrates a keen desire to get in. You are the chosen one. Perhaps he prefers to stay with you. You aren’t sure whether you should let him in but you are the chosen one. Let him in. You have to. The trouble is that if you are already looking after cats this probably spells disaster and if he is ‘owned’ who knows what the owner will say when she finds out.

Cat chooses new owner

Cat chooses new owner. Photo: Pinterest


The charm of this cat picture is the determination on the ginger tabby’s face in stretching up to make his point about getting in. It is charming. It’s why we love cats. Ginger tabbies have their own character! It’s what I like to believe but there is little hard evidence to support that idea.

Some pages in which ginger cats feature:

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