Video: POV-what a senior cat at a shelter sees and hears as adopters walk by

Ginger tabby senior cat in a shelter cage watching out as potential adopters reject him

This is a TikTok video from photographer Albert Harris. It’s a neat idea. He has put a small video camera in an animal shelter cage with an elderly ginger tabby cat. You see potential adopters walking by looking at the particulars on the clipboard attached to the front of the cage. It looks set …

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Sad “Big Red” a special ginger tabby feral cat who decided to be domesticated

Big Red

Big Red is a special ginger tabby feral cat, found in St George, Utah, USA, and rescued; and once rescued he decided to be domesticated and feel the warmth, both physical and emotional, of having a human caregiver look after him. I guess he had had enough of being a feral cat, struggling to …

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Does Joni Mitchell have pets? Yes, a cat called ‘Bootsy’

Bootsy, Joni’s cat

NEWS AND COMMENT: Today, Joni Mitchell is in the news in the right way. She is removing her music from Spotify. She was encouraged to do so by Neil Young who demanded that Spotify removed Joe Rogan’s podcasts or he’d leave the platform. Spotify rate money higher than morals it seems so they refused …

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Stereotyping cats because of their coat colour

Ginger tabby

Sometimes people do stereotype domestic cats based on the colour of their coats. Although this is a philosophical question there might be practical consequences. Three coat types come to mind immediately: black, ginger and tortoiseshell. We associate black with sinister behaviour and superstitions; ginger cats are stereotyped as of good character and tortoiseshell cats …

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Is it disrespectful to show off your cat’s balls?

Man shows off his cat's balls

The question is rude and therefore so is the action. There is a fat guy who has a successful YouTube channel about four ginger tabby cats. In this video he refers to his uncastrated male ginger tabby’s balls as pom-poms. He shows them off to the world by lifting up Helios’s tail in front …

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An extended family of ginger cats sleeping together

Extended family of ginger tabby cats sleep on top of each other

This is an interesting mini-video. It shows what must be an extended family of ginger tabby cats sleeping together and on top of each other. It is a tapestry of cats. It looks like the parents were not sterilised and over time they have created an extended family with their offspring also unsterilised and …

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Picture of cat stuck in car engine compartment is a classic

This cat picture is by the Animal Services Division of the City of Rancho Cordova in California. It is a classic because domestic cats stuck in engine compartments (the place where the engine in housed) are commonplace in winter. I have seen many pictures of cats stuck in this warm area of a vehicle …

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