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  1. I know it’s anecdotal, but my perceptions of various types/color coats of cats going back 20 years have fallen in line with other people’s. I had no idea at the time, but it’s uncanny. To a small degree I believe it’s selective. For example: I used to have a British Leyland Triumph TR6 sports car (year 1971). After I acquired it, owned it for many years and fell in love with it, I seemed to notice more of them on the road. There may not have been, my impression was that there were. So I know that perhaps that the personality qualities I’ve seen in red cats and torties, etcetera might not be as heavily correlated as I thought, but they still might. It’s not just a perception at this point because I’ve studied cats as empirically as possible and second-guessed myself to be sure. There’s enough evidence to support certain tendencies in types of cats. It’s just too uncanny that I’ve heard the same comments from other people that I’ve said myself, not knowing at the time that there might be such coincidences.

  2. Hi there my cat is missing for a week and a bit I don’t understand why he is a Ginger and white tabby he would always be at home ,he’s a house and now I don’t know why cat run away from house can they get lost? How do they found them self home? He’s very friendly and scared of other people.

    • Hi Ivana, I am very sorry to hear he has gone missing. It is something that worries me because I let my cat go outside. There are all kinds of reasons why he has not come back. I hate to say it but one reason is that he may have been injured or killed. Forgive me for saying that. Another is that he knows another home which he visits and he may be there. Sometimes, rarely, cats go and live in the wild. They can’t help themselves. In multi-cat households sometimes a cat is upset by other cats and so he leaves. He may come back. Have you asked people in the neighborhood if they have seen him or left a poster in the area? Have you called your local animal or cat rescue shelter? He may be there. Is he microchipped? That will help. I wish you the very best of luck in finding him. Thanks for posting.

  3. I think it’s more likely that personality comes from the breeding and the cat’s upbringing rather than what colour the cat is, if any this must play a very small part.

    • My pleasure. Harvey Harrison lives in Northern Cyprus (part of Turkey) and lives with a large group of cats which are Turkish Angoras and Vans – the original ones not the like the ones created in America. They are beautiful cats.

  4. Hi Dorothy. Bigfoot looks to be an impressive cat. He seems have a red or brown tinge in his coat. Karan has a litter brother called Kyros who has not had good health for a long time but os doing very well now. I think it’s because his immune system has kicked in rather than all the treatments he got. Lot’s of good food and a happy environment would have helped him too. I notice he has formed a loving relationship with a solid red stray tom I call Rufus. They go everywhere together and constantly rub up and groom each-other. Strange how Kyros’ recovery coincided with this relationship.

  5. Hi Michael. Please do make an article about me and my cats, as well as the Turkish lady.
    I forgot to mention that most of my indoors cats show no interest at all in going outside even with a door or window left open. This is just as well because my beautiful white cats would soon be snapped up by Turkish Angora/Van lovers.
    I have a video of my cats and kittens in my bedroom when they were at the growing up stage when socialisation is important. O will have to send it on an E-mail as this page says it is an invalid image. Here is a photo showing the general area around my house where my cats are free to explore but mostly prefer no to!

    • Wow really after that Beautiful Scenery!! Just as Beautiful as New Zealand!!. Its amazing. I guess the Cats Prefer the Safety of Indoors and Maybe the Santuary of being inside.

  6. My 4 year old Traditional Persian tomcat “Matata” in the photo is a ginger cat.He was the freak of the litter of 6 kittens, the only “Ginger(Orange)” coloured kitten, the rest all being pure whites.His dam “Matahari” is pure white as was his sire and hence i was surprised on seeing a brown kitten, the first born of the litter.He is very aggressive and dominant , a total “Alpha male” who many times attacks his own dam Matahari.View his blog for a better view of this strange and childish tomcat. :- http://persiancatmatatacatwalks.blogspot.in/

    • I like this picture. Good one. I am surprised he attacks his mother. Mind you I didn’t like my mother 😉

      He is an interesting dilute red faint tabby coat. He has a nice solid, typically Persian “cobby” body. He definitely qualifies to be on this page as he is ginger and he has a personality – alpha male. His character supports my view that gingers are alpha types.

  7. No. I am a long way short of 600 but still I have too many. That conclusion is arrived at on account of not having much time left over for anything else. In total I have 37 cats. However 8 live outside permanently, and 7 are inside outside cats. 3 including my valuable Minos live in an outside enclosed patio, and there are 5 smelly toms in a purpose-built cattery with A/C. The cattery also houses Chulita my white SH Anatolian with her neutered male kitten Arkos. Arkos is better off inside permanently because he is over-excitable and soon gets into trouble. The first time I tried him outside he fell half-way down the side of a shallow ravine and I had to rescue him at some risk to myself. He is unhappy by himself but both he and his mother are clearly very happy together.
    Interestingly the permanent outsiders rarely wander far and are usually within a short distance of the house. They have around 2,000 m2 of my own garden to romp around plus perhaps several square kilometres of olive and orange groves, bushes, woodlands, etc. They are obviously satisfied with being close to home.
    The remainder of the cats are inside the house distributed and separated according to a well-worked out plan. Needless to say these are the cats that have clean habits and get along well together. The house is 322 m2 so there is plenty of space for some cats.
    Inside the house there are 3 intact tom-cats. 2 of them are inside outsiders, but none of them mark their territory and only use their litter boxes. The 3rd tom, Karan, can only survive inside the house because he panics when he gets even just a short distance from his usual domain which is the kitchen. Recently he has been showing a little interest in the outside, just peeking out, and I hope one day he will be confident enough to at least spend some time on the kitchen terrace. He is very affectionate and although highly strung is very nice with the other cats. Here is a photo of him.
    2 of my Angoras are booked to go to France on Oct 25th so that will be a little help.
    Orkide, probably my best ever Turkish Van kitten went recently to her for-ever home. Her mother Fatima never noticed!

    • Phew…I feel a bit tired thinking about caring for 37 cats. I need a lie down….You have have a lot of land and a large home so I suppose they fit in well. You are not swamped by cats.

      I found your comment interesting, I knew I would which is why I asked. You have what seems to be quite a complicated set up but one that is well organised and logical.

      I wonder if you’d let me convert it to an article. I could dress it up a bit and refer to the Turkish lady with 600 and the video as well.

      Thanks for taking the time to write it and count the cats 😉

  8. “Head count” that makes me smile. It is like having a battalion under your charge.

    I have not seen the video you mention. I hope you are not going to tell me that you have more 😉

  9. Hi Michael. Whilst I do a head count, let me ask you if you have seen the video of a Turkish lady who has 600 cats?

  10. Did you know that ginger with white cats are considered lucky in Russia? Just heard that today. I have known several gingers, two pretty well. The first one Gorto was an exotic tabby who was introverted and a follower. The other, George, was very laid back, but he was not a leader or follower. More of a do-what-I-want-when-I-want. He did have buddies he lived with, but did not venture outside. I think the “I am an individual” is the best label for something as broad as a coat color.

    • Thanks Dan. I agree that all cats are individuals. This is the conclusion ultimately. I had no idea that ginger and whites were lucky in Russia. You have given me an idea for a post!

  11. The trouble is I only have one red/white tabby female now and she is spayed due to a medical problem. She is doing OK now. My other females are either pure white or red Van patterned, and one blue and cream Van patterned. That marvellous pure red Turkish Angora female (not the one in the photo)never showed up again. Maybe when the weather gets cold she will come looking for a good meal.

  12. I LOVE this post, Michael.
    There are 2 things that are especially true in my world.
    As you know, I manage 3 feral colonies. In all three, a large red male tabby rules. They are first in all matters and are disciplinarians as well as peacemakers.
    Also, I have 2 female red tabbies and, as Harvey pointed out, each one was the product of a dark torti mother and red tabby father.
    Thanks, guys!

  13. That’s right. SHE is a female. I am still kicking myself for re-homing her to Holland. She would have caused quite a stir at any show especially with those folks who say females can’t be red. I can’t keep them all, no matter how nice. Here us a photo of another red female kitten, Malaika.

    • Wow – beautiful. Harvey you really are surrounded by some of the most amazing cats or all colours, shapes and sizes. I ‘m just getting jealous now. I know an orange and white, mostly orange though, female cat but I’ve never come accross an entirely orange female.

    • Wow, beautiful is my reaction too. She has a very classy appearance. Not that I am into appearance that much but I know a good looking cat when I see one. Good photo too.

  14. I’d say you’ve just about covered it. But having said that, the individuality of their strong personality makes them each unique. You called Marvin a Boss cat and it made me smile.

    Ginger cat

    When he comes in the house for a visit, he struts in with is tail and head high and he walks with a John Wayne swagger, talking the whole time. And if you try to ignore him the talking gets louder and louder. Essentially, he wants you to stop what you are doing and only pay attention to him. Then, he entertains you. For being such a tough guy in the outside world, he is as sweet as can be to humans. He is careful with his claws and teeth while playing (but I have been nicked by accident) and he will sit on your lap and be rubbed up all you want. He cannot curl up on my lap. He is too big. I have to support his bum when I hold him. I have lots of photos of him sprawled out, but he seldom sleeps inside. He is usually just showing off. I have only heard him snore once. If he falls asleep, you cannot move a muscle. He hears even the most subtle movement. Being so social…he won’t sleep if there is movement around. Oddly, he will leave and sleep on the ground outside where there is more noise than inside, and sleep soundly.

    I could talk about Marvin endlessly. He is so interesting.

    • Great picture. Love this picture. Marvin in a big cat. He is so “cat” in personality. Sharp skills and tender with you at the same time (wild and domestic). I can see why you love him. He is a model, classic, domestic cat of quality.

      When I see Marvin and read about him I do think that ginger cats have a certain personality. Thank you, dw, for showing us Marvin and you together. It is a photo that sums up what we like about our cats.

    • What a wonderful photo Dorothy – I just love the sound of Marvin – he has a lovely character I’m sure. Red was so much younger so he was very busy although when he slept he was always sprawled out without a care in the world and you couldn’t move him if you tried to. Really mellow – but outside I think he was entirely different 🙂

      Marvin is such a beautiful cat.

    • D,
      first off, I hope that you don’t call me that! Secondly, my Shrimp wants you to know that he too loves being called “laid back” as a ginger tabby. Shrinpster is THE utmost feline to demand his belly petted like the Buddha that we keep on my front stoop. Shrimpie loves all creatures great and small, esp. the possum that grew up with him, and the raccoon nd babies that grew up on the front stoop w/ him. He loves all, and that is my bebe, my Shrimp,. <3

        • You know what? I give this thought now and then, and would love to hear others’ comments. Shrimpster is so loving and thoughtful. He ventures out with his two amigos into the back treeline at night, but prefers to take on a voyeuristic role while romping about with them, rarely participating in their play. He is fascinated, riveted actually, in watching them pounce on insects and dried leaves. He has always been this way, maybe b/c he is blind in his left eye and shy. He loves to have his mouth stroked firmly all the way up his mascara lines. Oh yes, shoulder massages! And his spotted tummy stroked. Puts him right to sleep, little dear. <3!

    • Dorothy is that your Kitty??? How Cute. Ill Have to Make you a Special Page now On Facebook. LOl. Hes a Geogerous Ginger Kitty. SO Big too. Rebel does the same thing. IF you Ignore him or dont listen he Meows louder. He complains alot too.

  15. I think Cyprus and Turkey are the only places where you have a good chance of finding red female cats even solid reds. This is because the O gene is very common and the chance of 2 suitable cats mating is higher. The surest way to get red females is a black tortie female to mate with a red tom. One such female is this one who produced 2 red males and 2 red females. There was one LH’d male and one LH’d female. The tortie mother is very wild and only trusts one person, but the kittens are much better.

      • That is an interesting comment and I understand it. If I was walking around Turkey as a tourist and saw this cat, I’d stop, look and stay. I’d wouldn’t want to leave her.

        • Thanks. I deal with feral girl tortis every day. They can be difficult and aggressive in a colony environment; but, they are capable of trusting to a certain extent if you are with them long enough. I know that I may never be able to be allowed to pick some up, but some will allow petting at times. However, it takes a l-o-n-g time.

    • Interesting comment Harvey. This is a fabulous looking cat; just a faint glimmer of tortoiseshell amongst the black. I can sense the place because I have been to these places.

      • Hi Caroline. I’m not sure which cat you are referring to but I suppose it is the mostly black SH’d tortie Cimarra. She is no longer here having been taken by her owners to their new home. I don’t know where. I adopted her for a few days but each day she became nore savage so she went back to the family where she was happy. The good news is I have 2 of her daughters both affectionate and well-behaved although a bit excitable. They are Neda and Nadira both SH’d but Neda is solid red with no white that I can see, and Nadira has a bit of white on her chin and a couple of white rings at the end of her tail which is a bit unusual I think. Neda was mated with one of my R/W Angoras and the male Nedo is SLH’d too. The female kitten is Meryem who is SH’d, R/W., and very affectionate. Nedo is quite a character but very friendly. I have also acquired a fabulous Angora tortie Dilara w/o white,. I have never seen a cat with freckles before. Also a solid red SLD’d male both now registered as Angoras. The red male, Tilki, is not suitable for adoption because he has chronic moderate diarrhea which only responds a little bit to Ercefuryl. Nothing else. I keep him going with lots of high protein food and thick gravy. I need to get one litter from Dilara by Tilki before she can go. Both Dilara and her SH’d sister Nadine are affectionate enough for ten cats. Photos if you need them. Where do you live?

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