Picture of lion with coiffed mullet haircut causes uproar!

NEWS AND COMMENT: I hope you get the pun in the title. Zookeepers at Guangzhou Zoo deny that they gave one of their lions a mullet or Tiger King, Joe Exotic, haircut and claim that it is the hot and humid weather in south-west China which caused it. The mullet haircut is short at the front and long at the back from the 1980s. Joe Exotic, you may remember, is the man who ran America’s largest private zoo and who was the “star” of a Netflix docuseries but who is now in prison!

Lion with mullet cut causes uproar
Lion with mullet cut causes uproar, Get the pun?! Image in public domain.
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A zookeeper told Viral Press that they would not have the courage to cut a lion’s mane; sensible and wise I would say. Although this male lion looks almost domesticated. He looks cuddly, cute and quaint but he is still a lion.

A spokesperson said: “The hairstyle was purely nature’s magic. We wouldn’t dare cut the lion’s hair. He looked like a blonde supermodel with fringe because of the high humidity in Guangzhou. He’s the most beautiful boy here now, and more people are coming to see him.”

Yes, more people are coming to see him which has boosted the zoo’s income which, if you are cynical or sceptical, might encourage you to think that he was indeed given haircut, and a good brush, because his mane looks so neat and tidy. Coiffed would sum up his appearance. I don’t see humidity achieving that. I really don’t. Can they please explain the science behind it? How does climate coif a lion’s mane ??

As I am one of those sceptical types I think he was given a haircut and I also think that he is quite domesticated and cute.

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