Activists fight back against nauseating Chinese cat snuff film gang

Li with face smeared with shit

This mysterious Chinese gang of cat torturers and killers has garnered a lot of comment and discussion on the Internet because they are so disgustingly horrendous. The things that they get up to are mindbogglingly horrific. But their activities are shrouded in mirrors and smoke with different names in different stories. I have written …

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Captive Pallas’s cats die of toxoplasmosis

Pallas's Cat

China’s first artificial bred Pallas’s cat dies: In a recent report from China, Sundaniang, the country’s first artificially bred Pallas’s cat (aka manul), died in Qinghai Park. Sundaniang was known for her contribution to scientific research on artificial reproduction and had become a beloved figure through her livestreamed daily activities. She was born on …

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UK’s teenage girls are like canaries in a coal mine signalling dire world problems

The schoolkids are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up in managing the planet so they stop eating in a kind of protest

The kids – acting like canaries in a coal mine – are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up the management of the planet. The self-indulgent, egocentric adults don’t get it but the kids do. The kids see it and feel it. They see a bleak future but the adults are still …

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Educationally challenged, poorer Chinese residents are in the socio-economic group more likely to have problems with community cats in China

The treatment of community cats in China is dependent on where they are and the educational attainment of the residents. In general community cats are treated better in China than news media sometimes portrays.

In contrast to what Westerners might perceive as a generally difficult relationship between Chinese residents and feral cats, a study published on 5 February 2024 concluded that it is primarily a “vulnerable group” of residents which have difficulty in dealing with community cats in the urban environment both in terms of their relationship with …

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Pet owners are submitting their cats to cosmetic surgery to give them cartoonish Mickey Mouse ears

Surgical instrument to ostensibly surgically alter the shape of cat eats for cosmetic purposes in China

Is this story true? If it is true, it’s not good. We know that some breeders change the shape of their dog’s ears; called ear-cropping but this does not happen with cats except for feral cats under TNR programmes in which the top 20% of the left ear flap is removed surgically. The Mail …

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The clouded leopard is insufficiently protected and is being illegally traded as a consequence

The clouded it is insufficiently protected and is being illegally traded as a consequence

A study published in 2015 paints a damning picture of the protections afforded the clouded leopard which are clearly insufficient. The clouded leopard population is decreasing and they are arguably gradually heading towards extinction in the wild. This is unsurprising because of this cat’s uniquely attractive coat. This medium-sized wildcat is also quite tame …

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Is this new Chinese respiratory disease affecting children serious and zoonotic?

Langya virus

I would think that some people are a little concerned about the news from China of hospitals being overwhelmed with sick children after a surge in respiratory illnesses. It sounds a bit like Covid-19 all over again. And as you know, Covid-19 is a zoonosis which means it’s a disease which humans caught from …

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