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Picture of Monster Maine Coon — 2 Comments

  1. Although this story is two years old, it bears a revisit.

    That is one huge Maine Coon. I’m not so sure that it’s natural growth. Something niggles the back of my mind that human intervention had a hand. The previous commenter is also very insightful in the assessment that future health conditions may occur down the road. Such a sad state of affairs for this beauty.

    My Abby recently weighed in at 14-lbs at the vet and needs to go on a diet since, for her frame, she should be 12-lbs tops. Visually, she looks fine; however, the added pounds are apparent in her attitude, playfulness and energy level. I wonder if the cat in the story has any level of energy at all? I cannot imagine it does much, considering its size.

  2. Being of such massive size must put a hideous strain on the heart. I have some real doubts about breeding cats of such epic proportions.

    Their hearts have to work harder and grow bigger, then that brings a whole slew of serious problems.

    I wonder how the lifespan of cats deliberately bred so big stacks up against more normally sized cats of the same breed?

    I think this is vanity breeding. That’s me being polite.

    Maybe the man is very small? Maybe this is a cleverish camera angle or some lens trickery? Adobe After FX is a very neat bit of software. Amazing illusions can be created by skillful compositing.

    What kind of life will this cat have if it lives exclusively indoors? Maybe the bloke carrying the cat has a very large house, a large budget for food and litter, not to mention litter trays as big as a human bathtub?

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