Poodle Cat

The Poodle cat is another rare, fringe cat breed. This is despite the fact that it was created in 1987 in Starnberg, Germany, by Dr. Rosemarie Wolf (i.e. a long time ago).

Note – update – June 23rd 2013, the internet media have named the Selkirk Rex a “Poodle Cat”. This is incorrect. It is possibly a very informal name given to the Selkirk Rex. The media have quoted scientists who did some work on the genetics of this established breed and blatantly added the name “poodle cat” in square brackets. The scientists have not referred to a “poodle cat” in their summary. The poodle cat story is media created and this is not a new designer breed as stated.

The genuine Poodle cat (as illustrated on this page) is not an established cat breed and very rare. It is a different cat except for the rex (curly) coat. I will be doing a page on this subject shortly. Update: this is what I have said.

The breed is apparently found in Europe except, ironically, Germany. It is a three way cross between the Devon Rex, Scottish Fold and European Shorthair. Such a mating will necessarily incorporate the dominant defective gene that creates the folded ears. This gene labeled as “Fd” not only affects the cartilage of the ears but also thickens the tail and feet. Please read more about this gene on the Scottish Fold cat page.

Poodle cat

Poodle cat

At the time it was probably seen as acceptable to breed a cat that could inherit substantial health problems. In the modern world it is not and I suspect that legislation was introduced in Germany after creating the cat, which effectively stopped the cat breed progressing to cat association registration. The GCCF does not recognise the Scottish Fold to this day, a much better known breed.

As the picture shows, the coat is dense. The cat is, in effect, a bigger and more densely coated Devon Rex with folded ears. This cat breed is a more solid and cobbier cat than the Devon Rex incorporating as it does European Shorthair and Scottish Fold conformation.

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Photo: I have taken the liberty of using a photo from this website: http://catouweb.free.fr. It looks genuine and I have provided a link to the site in return. I don’t know the author of the photo.

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  1. The info posted here needs some fact checking. Check the AP stories, written by people who have done their homework. The breed is a genetic sport discovered in a feral cat’s litter, and then bred because of its unusual coat.
    Aparently it has been recognised a seperate breed, and is now being called the ‘Selkirk Rex’.

    • Hi Kayla. Are you saying that the Poodle cat is a Selkirk Rex? If you are, you are wrong, sorry. The name “Poodle Cat” has been used informally to describe the Selkirk Rex. However, the real Poodle Cat is not a Selkirk Rex. The Poodle cat is a hybrid and has folded ears.


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