unusual cat breeds

My Small Cat

by Fran (Happy Valley, OR, USA) This is Serenity About five years ago I acquired a black and white cat. Not counting the tail, he’s about eighteen inches long and about eight inches high from foot to shoulder. His eyes are slanted at about a thirty to forty five degree angle and his ears stand …

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by Michael The name “Squitten” is probably less well known than the notorious “twisty cat”. They refer to the same cat, however. Apparently the press have also called these cats, “Kangaroo cats”. Although Kangaoroo cats look like Squitten cats the genetic mutation that produces the shortened and deformed forelimbs is different, we are told. Photo: …

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Mokave Jag Cat

by Nora Scholin (Jacksonville, FL) Mokave’s King Yuma at 15 months of age. Photo copyright Nora Scolin. Please see Mokave Jag Cats Breed Info for the story of this rare new breed of large hybrid cat. Nora Hi Nora… thanks for introducing me to the Mokave Jag Cat. I would like briefly, if I may …

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Khao Manee

by Michael (London, UK) Khao Manee – Photo believed to be in the public domain The Khao Manee is a very rare breed of cat that I have only recently stumbled upon. It is a native of Thailand as is the Siamese, Burmese and Korat. Although the Burmese is also native to neighbouring countries. On …

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