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#RallyCat: Most famous cat in St. Louis caught at Citygarden — 3 Comments

  1. I LOVE the idea of “RallyCat” staying with the Cardinals!!! Lots of teams have Mascots… (live ones) but NO ONE has a kitty!!! Course, they’d have to make sure someone kept it home and safe and hold onto it during games!!! But with all the “cat hate” put out there, i think this would be cool! Of course….NOTHING CRUEL OR UNUSUAL DONE TO THE KITTY!!! Maybe if someone approached the team about an idea like this….”Team mascot RallyCat photos! $5 each…and all monies will be donated to a local shelter or rescue each week!!!” Maybe some autographed photos with team players with RallyCat to sell for more $$$!!! Think how GREAT IT WOULD BE FOR THE “ATTENTION” THIS WOULD GET, AND HELP THE SHELTERS, ETC. AT THE SAME TIME!!! THE FIRST MLB TEAM TO ENDORSE RESCUE, DONATIONS, ADOPTIONS, ETC.!!! Awesome!!!!

    • I search every day for them. I wish more people would PM me links. That’s how I get most of my topics. I’ve run into such horror stories lately even I can’t stomach to write them up.

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