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Reason why cat people are smarter than dog people — 3 Comments

  1. My observation is that many people who prefer dogs do so in order to compensate for deficiencies in their personal life. At home or at work they may feel they do not count for much but with a dog they are commander-in-chief. They have a slobbering lackey which obeys their every command which situation inflates their depleted ego. . A cat will not do for a person who needs that kind of therapy. A human-cat relationship is at a totally different level and does not have elements of command, domination, or submission., A successful bright person does not need that to compensate for his deficiencies in that way. Dog owners seem to be blithely unaware that round the clock barking is very stressful on neighbours who have every right to rest and relaxation in their own home. This lack of respect and consideration leads to many problems. I used to live in Costa Rica where i soon found out the meaning of the description “Land of barking dogs”. Every house has at least one usually several dogs which create an intolerable 24 hours racket. They all say they have dogs to warn them of thieves but when asked how they put up with the non-stop barking they answer ” Oh we get used to it. We don’t pay any attention” Yes, they really say that. The contradiction obviously evades them. I have to conclude that many dog people are not very bright.

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