R.I.P Maverick

R.I.P Maverick

by Ruth


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Maverick was one of 15 cats abandoned and taken to Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary in an emergency late one night before the locks on the house were changed next day.

A while later he moved to Cats Protection who helped out Kays Hill by taking some of the cats to rehome.

Poor Maverick had mouth trouble which was treated at the vets and he seemed to improve.

He was adopted along with another of the abandoned cats and had a wonderful home for a few months, but the trouble returned and he had a biopsy which showed he had cancer of the jawbone.

As long as he had quality of life and was happy and eating his adopters said they would care for him and they did.

But sadly, today he had to be PTS and we are grieving for him. Our hearts go out to his adopters and his feline brother who was adopted with him and is sure to miss him.

He was a beautiful gentle cat.

The person who abandoned them doesn't know and has never asked, where or how they all are now.
That is so very very sad.

R.I.P Maverick, we will never forget you xx

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R.I.P Maverick

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Feb 01, 2012 Rose NEW
by: Ruth

Yes Rose that's the one, she's apparently had terminal cancer a few times and probably has it again wherever she is now.

Feb 01, 2012 R.I.P Maverick NEW
by: Rose

Is this one of the abandoned cats of the person who pretended to have cancer so as to con money from people?
Poor Maverick,he wasn't the one deserved it!

Feb 01, 2012 R.I.P. NEW
by: Elisa

I pray that cats have very short memories of the abuse they receive before being placed in a loving home. We've lost so many now I have to think their peace comes from being held by someone who loved them as they cross over the bridge. In the short time these cats know love, they give us love to last a lifetime. All we can hope for is to hold them as they cross over. To know they're not alone at the end.

Jan 31, 2012 Caring NEW
by: Leah England

Ruth and Babz care so much for people and for animals. They unwittingly cared about the person who abandoned those beautiful cats before they knew she was even capable of such a thing but what I say is thank God they did. Thank God they cared because in the end they were able to step in and rescue the cats. Cats that may have otherwise been left to fend for themselves or even worse.

RIP gentle Maverick I didn't know you but I do know you were a special little soul. I so grateful to your new carers that you had so much love in the last weeks of your life and my heart goes out to them now.

Jan 31, 2012 maverick was loved NEW
by: leanne

i can only agree with what everyone has said about mav, he was a beautiful, loving cat who did'nt deserve to be treated so badly by someone who pretended to love him, luckily for mav two people very close to him really DID love him, babz and ruth, thankfully, took it upon themselves to be these cats saviours, as they have with many cats in the past, and no doubt many more in the future. we had mav for only a short time before he went to cpl and then onto his final, devoted home. it was a pleasure to know him and we know that at least in the last part of his life he was most definately loved.

Jan 30, 2012 mav a pleasure to have known you NEW
by: kevin (kays hill)

so sad to hear about mav, all the cats that come to us and are in our care are all charectors in their own way, its especialy sad for mav as he had finaly found not only a good home but a great home with a family that genuinly loved and cared about him so much, run free mav no more pain
non of us know whats around the corner which is why we must make the most of each day and show love and compassion were ever possible to all the animals in this world or and some people too !

Jan 30, 2012 Rest in peace, Maverick NEW
by: Maggie

He was a very beautiful cat, he looks almost identical to the cat that lives next door to me. He sounds like he was a very loving sweet boy. And while his adopted family only had him for a short while, I don't doubt that it was the best short while of Maverick's life! Such a lovely boy, who had been through so much, didn't deserve cancer. He deserved years and years of a happy life, with those who genuinely loved him!

Rest in peace, Maverick! You are in a place where no one can betray you.

Jan 30, 2012 RIP to a gentleman NEW
by: Barbara

Maverick was kind, he so loved the person who betrayed him, he would sit beside her with his head tilted to the side just watching her, he slept with her, he worried about her when she was ill and stayed near to her. But still she abandoned him and I think it would have broken his heart. He and his brothers and sisters lost their home and all they knew and waited long months for new homes and families, finally Maverick's chance came and he was adopted by a wonderful, kind couple who have cared for him through his last illness and who must be so upset today at losing him. My memories of Maverick are of him sitting on my knee his deep purr droning, and of him playing with baubles taken off the Christmas tree especially pink furry ones, his clean white bib and socks and his black tail coat, his pleasure in his food and his love of catnip, and real, mice. RIP Maverick, you will be with some of your brothers and sisters who have gone on before you. You were loved.

Barbara avatar

Jan 30, 2012 Condolences NEW
by: Michael

I always feel sad on the loss of a cat that is close to me one way or another. Thanks for sharing Ruth and may Maverick rest in peace.

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