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  1. I rescued a russian blue from a tree with a pit bull circling below and barking, just waiting for her to fall. She looks exactly like a russian blue with all the personality of this particular breed. But she has yellow eyes, not blue or green. Is she pure? I don’t care if she isn’t. I love her anyway. Just wondering about her eye color. She is around one or two years old. Good teeth, very active, very loving, hears all strange noises.

    • I have just read your first comment and see that she was rescued. Do we know the original owner and how he/she acquired her? That would help. I have responded to your other comment for which I thank you.

  2. Try looking at the Cat Fanciers’ Association (cfa.org) to find breeders of them,
    The site cats now (www.catsnow.org) mixed bag for breeders and rescue sites,
    Hoobly is another site that can have home bred cats, then you can always also look on a pure cat rescue site at PetFinders.com.

    Good luck on your hunt!

  3. I’m looking for a Russian blue kitten by Christmas can anyone help me I’m located in flora Illinois please and thank you.

  4. I had a Camille Onrush Blue when i was a chilled growing up. Her name was bo bo. She was gentle around her family yet at the same time she was shy when visitors came over. She lived 17 years. She left a life long mark on every hart that was in the family at the time.

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