Kurilian Bobtail (information verified by breeders)

Kurilian bobtail

Above: Photograph of TAIGA © Helmi Flick Introduction The Kurilian Bobtail (Kurilian, Curilsk Bobtailis, Kuril Bobtail) is a “natural” cat and a “mutated” cat. The breed is little-known in the West but is the 3rd most popular breed in Russia, where there are about 40 catteries – see three excellent Russian bred Kurilian Bobtail …

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The International Cat Association (TICA) needs to ban Russian-bred cats from their European shows


My message to Vicky Fisher, the president The International Cat Association (TICA): I am surprised that we have not heard from you about banning Russian-bred cats from your cat shows in Europe or worldwide. You should ban them. It is something that TICA could do to make a statement against Russia. This would follow …

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Leading cat association Fédération Internationale Féline bans Russian cats from competition

Russian cats banned from International competition

Here is the announcement from the FIFe website: Twitter and Instagram have announced that Russian-bred cats have been banned from international competition following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. And no Russian-bred cat can be imported and registered in its pedigree book outside Russia. China’s version of Twitter, Weibo, is alive with comment about …

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Big chunky Scottish Fold from Russia

Big chunky male Scottish Fold made in Russia

This is an amazing, big, chunky Scottish Fold from Russia. The Russian breeders do some amazing things with cats. I don’t know how ethical they are. I’ll presume that their breeding is ethical as I have no information to decide otherwise. This cat, a ticked tabby, looks like he is unsterilised (not neutered). He …

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