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Should we play with our cats like kittens do? — 1 Comment

  1. Playing with your kitten the same way they play with each other definitely works.

    If they play to rough and I am hurt, I either cry out or hiss. To me, that is the only correct way to let them know that they have gone too far. So far, this method has worked.

    Cleo came to our home as a six month old kitten. I don’t know how she was raised before us, but she definitely plays with her claws out. She has hurt me in play multiple times. Every time I responded as a cat would, and she has learned to not hurt me any more. Now she will not deliberately attack my bare skin.

    Please note that this does not apply to those rare occasions when I am not fast enough to avoid her during my sneak attack from around the edge of a scratching post or other obstacle. She is much faster I am, and I earn the trophy of a scratch, for which I take full responsibility. After all, I did ask for it when I initiated the play! 😀

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