Ragdoll cat put cat sitter in hospital for 4 days plus 3 weeks off work

Haze an aggressive Ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll as many know is one of the most laid-back cat breeds; perhaps the most laid back as they are selectively breed to have placid characters. However, they are domestic cats like any other at heart. Don’t believe all you read on social media and in news media. Here is a photo of …

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Award-winning journalist badly hurt by a domestic cat she was rescuing

Otherwise calm, nicely behaved domestic cats can attack when scared and defensively aggressive

NEWS AND VIEWS: As I buy The Times daily, I know of Carol Midgely. As well as being a columnist for The Times she occasionally helps out at her friend’s animal rescue charity. That’s nice. It tells me that she is a decent person. She went to the home of a recently deceased elderly …

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Mike Tyson on insights into living with tigers and mountain lions

Mike Tyson being interviewed on a podcast

In a videoed podcast, Mike Tyson – puffing away on a spliff and clearly high to a certain extent – discussed what it was like to live with three tigers and then a mountain lion. His interviewers were also on cannabis. He doesn’t like talking about himself because it makes him feel uneasy. And …

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Cat bites signs of infection – including a possible infection from a scratch

Marking the area of inflammation from a cat bite

Before I talk about cat bites signs of infection, I would like to put cat bites into perspective. A cat that is adequately socialised (raised to behave reasonably in relation to other animals and people) and is decently treated will not normally bite you aggressively. They may bite instinctively in play because, for a …

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How much damage could a domestic cat do to a human?

Woman pets stray cat causing rabies alert

There are two ways to answer the question, (1) the physical damage that a domestic cat can cause to the human body and (2) the monetary damage a domestic cat can cause to a person’s wallet! The second sort of damage came to me through the Quora.com website as did the question in the …

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