Singaporean kicks a cat on video and allegedly throws rocks at community cats

Man kicks cat on video

Man kicks cat on video

This is a man, believed to be in his 50s or 60s who is clearly shown to kick a cat by a bench under an awning. It is believed that the cat was feeding at the time. It was caught on video and posted on Facebook but the post appears to have disappeared. The man appears to be known as someone who dislikes cats and he also, allegedly, throw stones at cats.

This happened on 13 July 2019. The cat is a community cat and the man was walking through a link between two blocks.

According to neighbourhood residents, he often carries a large stone in his hand and looks for cats to throw it at them. Allegedly he’s been going around the blocks in an area of Singapore called Marsiling (Marsiling Lane) for quite a while. Specifically we are told that the incident happened around the vicinity of blocks 10 to 16.

Videos – animated gifs

Marsiling cat abuser

Marsiling cat abuser

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Marsiling cat abuser kicks cat

Marsiling cat abuser kicks cat

The man concerned, as you can tell, is aware that he is being videoed because the videomaker walks with him while he’s filming. The videos have been converted into what is called animated gifts. They automatically replay themselves. Sadly they are of very poor quality. This may have occurred in converting them to animated .gifs.

Community cats injured

A person who feeds community cats in the area said that one of her cat had been injured numerous times for no reason on his/her head, face, cheek and leg. She suspects that this man is responsible.

The police are investigating but as yet he appears not to have been charged. Cats in block 10 to block 16 of the area should be aware of the danger that this man presents to their cats.


Note: “Singaporean” means an inhabitant of Singapore. This man clearly lives in Singapore at the time of this crime. No comments therefore about racism.

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