Taiwan teacher chastised by students for dropping his cat upside down in class

Cat employed the self-righting reflex to land on their feet

A teacher in Taiwan, Mr. Lee Feng, faced significant online backlash after a video surfaced showing him dropping his pet cat in a classroom to demonstrate the physics principle of conservation of angular momentum. The incident, which was intended to show how cats naturally reorient themselves when falling from a height, resulted in public …

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Dog-walker captured on doorbell videocam giving cat a fatal kick

Elderly man wantonly attacks elderly cat in the street in plain sight

NEWS AND COMMENT: The video is difficult to watch, of course. I’ve watched it very briefly because I have to in order to write this article. The elderly man appears to have acted aggressively in the video as indicated by the way he puts on his dog’s collar. The dog approaches him with his …

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Texas shelter employee arrested and charged with killing kittens using blunt force trauma

Gabriel Caswell accused of killing many kittens at an animal shelter

NEWS AND COMMENT-Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, Weatherford, Texas, USA: This is a very disturbing story. It reminds me of the Lucy Letby story in the UK; the nurse who is serving a whole life sentence for killing babies in a hospital. In this instance, the above-mentioned shelter hired Gabriel Caswell as an animal …

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White Coat Waste Project files federal complaint demanding government claw back tax dollars wasted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on abusive and illegal animal experiments

Copper was abused at the Cleveland VA cat lab for 14 months before being put down

Through a freedom of information request, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) have unearthed a report by the Veterans Association Office of Research Oversight (ORO) which documents “years of rampant waste and abuse” and violations of federal law in carrying out cruel tests on cats at the Cleveland VA “cat lab”. And because of these …

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A good example of domestic cat exploitation on TikTok showing a grossly obese cat

Gross obesity in a domestic cat

To the best of my knowledge, TikTok is infamous for featuring animal exploitation videos. By this I mean animals such as this ginger tabby domestic cat who is being exploited by their owner who makes a ‘funny cat video’ (not so funny for me) out of his gross obesity. This is irresponsible cat ownership. …

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Taylor Swift should ask her fans to stop spinning with their cats to her song August

Cat is scared as owner spins around to Taylor Swift track 'August'

You may have heard that there is a new meme on the Internet and it concerns Taylor Swift’s song August. The song is currently trending and I guess people know that she likes cats and lives with them so they are grabbing their cat under the armpits and spinning around while capturing the “fun” …

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Mississippi cat and dog protection law

Mississippi animal protection law concerning cats and dogs only

The laws of Mississippi which protect cats and dogs from acts of abuse and cruelty are found under the following statute title in the next paragraph. As a whole this statute covers many areas of animal welfare. At the end of the section about injuring dogs or cats I have reproduced an overarching section …

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